Beyonce Is The Queen Of VMA Memes

The VMAs are one of the most exciting nights in the music industry, and I am pretty sure 99 percent of that excitement comes from the opportunity to see Beyoncé grace the public with her fierce presence. The minute Beyoncé arrived at the VMAs the Beyoncé 2016 VMAs memes started rolling in because Bey's army of fans are never going to be called slackers. Besides, when Beyoncé shows up looking like the coolest Disney queen imaginable how could fans not be inspired by her creativity?

Twitter responded to Beyoncé and her entourage's grand entrance with wit, tears, and a whole lot of worshiping at the altar of Queen Bey. That was just the beginning of Beyoncé's night — with a surprise performance and 11 nominations, the 2016 VMAs were always going to be a Beyoncé lovefest and no one would want it any other way. Lemonade was by far the most talked about music experience of the year, and seeing Beyoncé get the love she deserves had fans hyped.

Whether fans were overcome with emotions or just in awe of Beyoncé and her crew, they turned out some seriously genius memes. Trust me, these are the Beyonce VMAs memes you need in your life.

1. Buzzfeed Says What Everyone Is Thinking

That's what a squad upgrade looks like.

2. Blue Ivy Steals The Spotlight From Her Mom As Only She Can

Blue Ivy is the voice of everyone who just wants to get this party started.

3. This Guy Who Is Ready For The Night Of Bey

His emoji game is enviable.

4. Did This Person Discover Beyoncé's Fashion Inspiration?

I can see it...

5. This Guy Invented A Better Version Of Where's Waldo?

Did Beyoncé smuggle Sia into the 2016 VMAs? Let the conspiracy theories begin.

6. When The Emotions Get Too Real

Beyoncé can make anyone burst into tears with her awesomeness.

7. Beyoncé Has Dreams Too, Guys

Now she has done it all.

8. This User Who Knows What's Up

Beyoncé invented getting into formation, after all.

9. This Visual Illustration Of How Bey Makes You Feel

She reduces the entire world to squealing, ecstatic children.

10. Beyoncé Really Would Own The Hunger Games

Katniss and Beyoncé are the ultimate squad goals.

11. This Person Who Was Taken On An Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

Good things come to those who wait.

12. This Person Was Literally Slayed

Beyoncé's performances should come with a warning label.

13. Only Emojis Could Describe The Scope Of The Experience

Words simply could not do Bey justice.

14. This Accurate Version Of Events

What, like MTV was going to say no?

15. This Person Who Summed Up The 2016 VMAs

Everything was Beyoncé and nothing hurt.

16. This Guy Who Knows Even Britney Appreciated The Awesome

The slayage was real.

17. How You Will Forever Feel After Witnessing Bey's Perfection

There is no getting over this.

Beyoncé didn't just conquer the 2016 VMAs, she took the whole Internet by storm as only Queen Bey could.