Laurie Hernandez Freaks Out Over Meeting Beyoncé

It's been established that Queen Bey made August 28, 2016 a night that will go down in girl power history. She walked the carpet with the beautiful female stars of her Lemonade visual album, got everyone on the planet in formation with her crazy powerful 16-minute performance, and even created a huge female symbol over the entire stage to close out her performance. But why would it stop there? After watching her performance, my pulse finally returned to a somewhat normal pace until Bey returned to the stage once again. U.S. gymnasts Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Madison Kocian, and Laurie Hernandez — you know, the ones who took the gold during the Rio games — presented the queen with just one of her many awards of the night, at which point the singer hugged them. And Hernandez, for one, is freaking out over the Beyoncé hug already on Twitter.

Even this 16-year-old, who's already a total boss lady, could barely handle being in such close contact with such royalty. I was living through all of them at this very moment, especially her. I can't get over it, the internet can't get over it, and the girls understandably can't get over it.

I'm surprised Hernandez even gathered her thoughts to come up with these tweets:

Lord knows I wouldn't have been able to.

Image: MTV