Abedin & Weiner's Family Of 3 Faces More Scandal

by Krutika Pathi

You can probably say it's been a long time coming — Huma Abedin is finally separating from former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner. On Aug. 28, The New York Post released an exclusive report which showed that Jordan Weiner, Abedin and Weiner's son, was in the background of a racy, half-naked photo which Weiner allegedly sent an anonymous woman.

Weiner reportedly texted a woman a picture of his crotch while his son lay next to him in bed, according to the leaked photos by The Post. The publication claimed that Weiner sent shirtless pictures of himself to a divorced brunette, who returned similarly racy photos, but the most damaging one so far features his son Jordan lying on the bed next to his dad.

This news came after quite a few sexting scandals on Weiner's part. In 2011, Weiner resigned from Congress after he denied and then admitted to his first scandal. Similarly, a 2013 sexting scandal emerged during Weiner's New York City mayoral run, which he ultimately lost.

This is the third sexting scandal for Weiner, and it looks like Abedin, a top Hillary Clinton aide, has finally had enough. Earlier on Monday, news surfaced that Abedin and Weiner would be separating. In a statement released Monday morning, Abedin wrote:

And now, Weiner has decided to go offline, deleting his Twitter account. There's not much left he can do, but this seems to indicate that maybe, just maybe, the world will not be seeing Weiner-themed texts and pictures for a while. It's a move that smacks of crisis control, seeing as how Weiner has been through this twice already. But it's also a hint that he is trying to save himself and his family from further embarrassment.

But the new revelations and pictures are probably the worst so far, since they clearly show his sleeping toddler son next to him while he snaps a photo of his abs. The Post blurred the outline of the boy, but no one has any doubt regarding who it is. And that just makes this whole situation so much worse. In her statement, Abedin is pretty vague regarding the separation, and the reason for that seems pretty obvious. They've been obvious since 2011, when the first sexting scandal broke out, so she doesn't really have to elaborate. But she does explicitly mention their son, Jordan, stating that he is the "light of our life" and that she and Weiner will continue to do what is best for him and their family. Maybe Weiner should have gotten that memo last summer, when he took that photo.