8 Weird (But Genius) Highly Reviewed Skin Products

When it comes to skin care, there are just some ingredients you know will always work. Everyone seems to have their tried and true formulas, but every now and then, you’ve got to shake that up with some weird but genius skincare products that happen to have amazing reviews. You may swear by shea butter for moisturized skin, if you haven’t tried snail cream — yes, cream made with the slime of snails — you could be missing out. According to the reviews, it’s a literal skin saver.

For about a year I’ve been using this honey serum as a moisturizer and primer, and guess what the active ingredient is: basically, bee spit. But, you know what, if bee spit is going to get my skin baby soft and help my makeup stay on all day, well, I’m just going to keep slathering it on my face. Do you know why? Because results are worth more to me than any amount of judgmental raised eyebrows.

If the absurdity of using weird beauty products like serums with snake venom or a mucus-y lip mask on your face is just too much, take a second to read the reviews. I assure you there are many naysayers turned converts who may be able to persuade you differently.

1. A Silky Serum Made With Honey & Propolis (Plant Resin & Bee Saliva)

Hey Honey Good Morning: Honey Silk Facial Serum, $41, Amazon

This serum is my personal morning moisturizer. It has honey, propolis (essentially, bee spit), and sea-buckthorn oil to create a barrier to protect skin from moisture loss. Plus, its light formula does double duty as a primer. One reviewer said using it "noticeably transforms my skin...I've been going makeup free the last 2 days because this stuff not only makes my skin feel great, it makes it look nearly flawless."

2. A Bubbly Mask That Clears Pores

Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask (Cruelty Free) One Bad Motha'foamer, $12, Amazon

This mask is made of natural clay and activated charcoal, which deeply get into your pores and draw out impurities. The weird part? Reviewers love the carbonated bubbles that turn into into a lightweight foam. "You can notice a difference just after the first use," one reviewer said. "It left my skin feeling so super soft! I normally have kinda oily skin and after using this stuff my face is a lot less oily!" This reviewer also pointed out that the formula made small whitehead-like blemishes on her chin and under the lip appear less noticeable.

3. A Lip Tint That Uses The Power of Flowers

Voberry® Cosmetics Long Lasting Lipstick Translucent Moisturize Jelly Lipstick, $4, Amazon

This jelly lipstick looks magical, and apparently its results for some reviewers are, too. This ultra silky moisturizer is a favorite among reviewers. "It's not sticky, at all. It glides on so easily and makes my lips the perfect pouty pink color," one said. "It looks lovely in pictures, goes with any look, and I've only owned it three days and I have already purchased a second one!'

4. An Eggs-cellent Way To Clear Pores And Blackheads

Tonymoly Egg Pore Black head Steam Balm, $9, Amazon

This steam balm works by opening pores and uses egg white and camellia extract to clear them out. Reviewers with acne-prone skin consider this a lifesaver. One reviewer has been using it and stopped, and said she "started getting really bad breakouts again. Then I realized omg I haven't been using the TonyMoly egg pore primer! Ever since that moment I have been using this stuff religiously. My skin is clear, glowing and just so beautiful. I will forever use this stuff, it truly is amazing."

5. Get Hydrated, Dewy Skin With Snake Venom

Snake Peptide Skin Rescue Cream, $20, Amazon

This serum's claim to the weird beauty hall of fame is a snake peptide that says it "reduces the contraction frequency of muscle cells on the face, thereby decreasing the appearance of expression lines," but reviewers love it for the dewy finish, thanks to sea kelp,vitamin C, retinol, and silk amino acids. One reviewer said "This serum leaves my skin soft like silk I can't stop touching my face, my skin has never felt this soft before as I have dry skin."

6. This Snail Cream Targets Just About Any Skin Concern

MIZON Black Snail All In One Cream, $13, Amazon

Dryness? Redness? Acne? Scars? Large pores? According to reviews, this cream with 90 percent black snail mucus filtrate and 27 black plant extracts cares for many difference skin concerns. Just read this review: "Fine lines are disappearing, pores are less noticeable. I don't typically struggle with acne, but the occasional zit has dried up and disappeared faster. My biggest takeaway was the lessened redness, and the change in the texture of my skin. It doesn't feel dry or rough anymore, or get tight and shiny as skin does if it's dry, overcleaned, and has a compromised moisture barrier. I don't experience any greasiness with this cream, but I do have a slightly dewy glow."

7. Use Drying Matte Lipsticks? Try This Sleeping Mask For Lips

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $16, Amazon

Thanks to the shea butter ingredient, this mask helps nourish even the most dry lips. According this reviewer (who said they don't normally write reviews), this mask is extraordinary: "I have incredibly dry skin, and wake up with chapped lips every morning. Rather, that was the case before I picked up this lip sleeping mask. Now I wake up with supple lips, and it is an amazing feeling."

8. Slather Your Skin In 24K Gold

Absolute Gold 24K Intensive Night Cream - 24 Karat Gold, $30, Amazon

This intense night cream uses gold, silk peptides, hyaluronic acid, and seaweed extract to renew and brighten skin overnight. One reviewer loved the results they saw, saying, "My skin feels so soft, reduced pores and have that real gold glow that brings a huge smile when I look at my face in the mirror."

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