11 Easy Walking Dead Makeup Tutorials

by Rosie Narasaki

With The Walking Dead finally returning this fall, it's time to start planning your premiere parties. And since Oct. 23 coincides so closely with Halloween, logic pretty much dictates that you should make it a costume party — which means you're going to need some easy Walking Dead makeup tutorials. I mean, the clothes part is pretty self-explanatory — just take some regular old shirts and pants and "distress" them by scuffing them around in the dirt and cutting them up with some scissors. The makeup — now, the makeup takes some serious finesse, and luckily the Internet (specifically, the makeup artists of YouTube) have got you majorly covered.

After all, it's going to be tough finding out the resolution to that big Season 6 finale cliffhanger — you never know, maybe doing your makeup like a Walker will help you deal with the shock. And hey, with zombies as big as they are right now in the zeitgeist, a good TWD makeup tutorial's going to take you far — because it also happens to be a good way to celebrate Zombieland 2 (courtesy of Deadpool screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Rheese) and The Train to Busan , not to mention TWD prequel Fear the Walking Dead. So, with all that in mind, let's take a look at some kickass tutorials!

1. The Walking Dead's SFX Makeup Artists

Who better to look to for Walker makeup tips than TWD's SFX makeup artists? This tutorial is pretty involved, but they outline a ton of cool and achievable (and disgusting) techniques to get a really spot-on Walker look, using easy to access materials, like oatmeal and gelatin.

2. Michelle Phan's Walking Dead Zombie Makeup Tutorial

With little more than fake blood, liquid latex, foundation, and regular old tissue paper, makeup guru Michelle Phan teaches you how to create convincing fake face (and neck) wounds in minutes.

3. Missiemania's Walking Dead Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Gross, but effective.

4. Julia Graf's The Walking Dead Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Julia Graf's take on the look is, in some ways, easier than Phan's, since it doesn't include applying fake wounds — but with the bloodstained mouth, it's still pretty frightening.

5. Goldie Starling's Walking Dead-Inspired Makeup Tutorial

This one isn't exactly easy, but like Graf's tutorial, it shows you how to get the Walker look without the use of prosthetics.

6. Goldie Starling's Tutorial for Carl's Missing Eye

Add Carl's signature hat and equally signature scowl, and you've got yourself quite the fan-approved look.

7. Lucerne Shum's Simple & Easy Halloween Makeup

Here's a slightly more simplified version of the Walker look.

8. Michelle Phan's Warm Bodies Tutorial

Now, if you're looking for something a little less graphic, you can always go the pretty zombie route, a la Warm Bodies.

9. ellimacs sfx makeup's iZombie Tutorial

ellimacs sfx makeup's awesome take on Liv Moore's signature look from iZombie is another fun option for those not looking to sport open wounds and rotting skin.

10. ihascupcake's Clementine Tutorial

Here's another one for the zombie-averse — this cute tutorial shows you how to create a makeup look that mimics the visual style of The Walking Dead video game and comics.

11. IHaveaCupcake's Walking Dead Nail Art

Last but not least, here's a tutorial for when you're feeling the theme, but you don't quite want to go all out.

Images: em michelle phan/YouTube