Remember The Other 'Bachelor' Lauren?

by Hannah Shapiro

Ben's season of the Bachelor was filled to the brim with ladies named Lauren. His frontrunner and eventual fiancé was even named Lauren. That Lauren was Lauren Bushnell or Lauren B. as she went by on the show. Another Lauren who competed for Ben's love was a Kindergarden teacher who made it pretty far. Who is Lauren H. from The Bachelor? While the teacher did have a few questionable comments about other contestants, I genuinely enjoyed her time on The Bachelor. Lauren was expressive, vulnerable, and open to love. She had some stand out moments and lasted long enough to form a real connection (even if it was more of a friendship) with Ben.

The then-teacher (she is now pursuing a career in real estate, according to Michigan Live) was always honest about her life. In her ABC bio she described her most embarrassing moment, and it was a pitch-perfect answer for The Bachelor.

OMG, embarrassing stuff happens to me so much! The other day my boss was asking what Pinterest was and I pulled mine up to see what it was like — and there was all of this wedding stuff!! He was like, “Um, do you even have a boyfriend?” :(

This goofy embarrassing moment represented her archetype on the show as the silly, real, every-woman. One of my favorite moments of Lauren is when she was woken up at 4:30 a.m. Ben woke up all the ladies to pick up contestant Amanda for a date. Most of the girls were shocked and embarrassed by the state they were in. Lauren joked about how she was wearing zit cream and a retainer.

Hey! At least she could have fun with the moment.

On their 1-on-1 date in Mexico city, Lauren and Ben walked in a fashion show. Lauren's commentary on being on a first date surrounded by models was relatable. Her insecurities and nerves made sense. There's a lot of pressure in the rose-filled Bachelor world. That night, at a fancy dinner, she shared with Ben that she had been cheated on in her past relationship. She said she wanted to be happy and not be a victim of her dating history. The combination of her vulnerability and strength made for an engaging date.

Unfortunately, Lauren left the show in tears after Ben ended things with her Week 6. She said, "I was starting to fall in love with him. Why is it so hard to fall in love? I don't know, I just want someone to get me and love me. I'm just sick of trying and it's just like when's it actually gonna click and work?"

Lauren made for wonderful Bachelor TV and I hope she returns to our screens soon. Who knows, maybe she'll get to go on another date in Mexico...

Images: ABC (3)