Kylie's Kyshadow Palette Is Coming Back Soon

There's nothing like a good eyeshadow palette, and every makeup junkie knows how much it can add to her collection. That's why the Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow Palette has proved to be so popular — people can't get enough of Kylie Jenner's makeup, and who doesn't love a good eyeshadow palette?

Like everything Jenner creates, the Kylie Cosmetics bronze Kyshadow Palette sold out almost instantly, and it's been crazy popular every time she's restocked it this summer. I mean, with its nine shades that combine to make the perfect bronze eye look, I can see why it's been so popular. Jenner clearly loves doing her own eye makeup, so she managed to create the perfect combination of shades. From a pearly shade for highlighting to shimmery shades for contouring to deeper browns for definition, the shades combine to create one killer smokey eye.

Of course, you're probably wondering when Jenner is finally going to restock the Kyshadow Palette, and luckily it's going to be super soon. It's coming Wednesday, Aug. 31 at 3 p.m. PT/6 p.m. ET. Super soon, right? Jenner is also restocking her entire Birthday Collection that day, so I'm predicting a major overload on the Kylie Cosmetics website. In other words, be sure to set your alarms, log onto the website early and be prepared to refresh.

But it's totally worth it, right? Check out the amazing shades in this palette.

Believe it or not, it looks even better on.

Each of her looks manages to be totally different.

Love this smokier look too. And luckily, if you purchase fast, you'll be able to copy it with a Kyshadow Palette of your own.

Image: @kyliecosmetics/Instagram