If 'Love Thy Neighbor' Returns For Season 5, It'll Have Some Amazing Tyler Perry TV Shows As Company

When you hear the name "Tyler Perry," you may think of Madea or the movies, but you really should be thinking of TV first. That's because the actor, writer, director, and producer is slaying the small screen these days. One such project doing just that is Love Thy Neighbor. But as the sitcom airs its Season 4 finale on OWN on Friday night, can we be sure that Love Thy Neighbor will return for Season 5?

Well, nothing is guaranteed in this world, even if you do have the backing of Perry and Oprah Winfrey, two of the most powerful names in entertainment today. Unfortunately, OWN has not yet officially announced whether or not it has renewed Love Thy Neighbor for Season 5. So feel the love while laughing at the adventures of Hattie Mae and the gang like there's no tomorrow when the Season 4 finale of Love Thy Neighbor airs on Friday.

Unfortunately, the ratings for Love Thy Neighbor have been steadily decreasing since it debuted on OWN in May 2013, according to reports in Variety and in IndieWire, which doesn't exactly inspire confidence that it'll be renewed for another season. However, when it was announced that OWN had picked up Love Thy Neighbor for a fourth season in February 2015, it was also revealed that the network had given full season orders to the sitcom, as well as three other Perry series, according to IndieWire. OWN may not be too quick to end a partnership that it has invested so heavily in just yet.

OWN on YouTube

If Love Thy Neighbor is renewed for Season 5, it's likely that its new season will be split into two parts, with the first part premiering in January 2017 and running until February or March, and the second part premiering in June or July 2017 and going until August or September since that was the schedule for the three previous seasons of the sitcom, according to TV Guide.

Even if there is hope that Love Thy Neighbor will return for Season 4, it's never easy to see a beloved show end its season. But as I mentioned before, there is so much Perry programming on TV these days, you might just forget about Love Thy Neighbor's lack of new episodes for a minute.

House Of Payne

HouseofPayneTBS on YouTube

House of Payne was Perry's first foray into TV, but you wouldn't know that based on the fact that the family sitcom ran on TBS for eight seasons. The show follows the trials and tribulations of a multigenerational working class family but with a lot of laughs. You can catch up with this fam through House of Payne reruns airing on BET now.

Meet The Browns

We first met the Browns in Perry's 2008 movie of the same name starring Angela Bassett. The sitcom, which aired on TBS, upped the comedy and the outrageousness of main portagonist Leroy Brown's outfits. You can experience all of that by purchasing the episodes via your retailer of choice. Seriously, his ensembles are something to behold.

For Better Or Worse

Like Meet the Browns, For Better or Worse brings some of Perry's film characters to the small screen. This TBS-turned-OWN show follows the ups and downs of married life for Marcus and Angela, two beloved characters from the movies Why Did I Get Married and Why Did I Get Married Too. Since we're talking about relationships here, there are some heavy moments in For Better or Worse, but each episode, which you can watch highlights from through the show's page on OWN's website, has an uplifting message. It's unclear if or when For Better or Worse will be back with an all-new season on OWN sometime, but it has had a successful run so far.

The Have And The Have Nots

Perry embraces his soapy side with The Haves and the Have Nots, a drama about the Cryer family, a rich and powerful dynasty living the glamorous life in Savannah, Georgia, and their mansion's staff. Think of it as a modern-day, American Downton Abbey. So do you really need any other reason to watch? Season 6 of the series is currently airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Perry tackles motherhood in this drama returning to OWN on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 9 p.m. ET, with each of the main characters dealing with raising children or struggling to have children of their own. All the while, they're also trying to find love. Remember, if it was easy, it wouldn't be entertaining.

Too Close To Home

Perry's latest TV series, Too Close to Home, is also TLC's first-ever scripted series, and it premiered on Monday, Aug. 22. It tells the tale of a young woman who cuts all ties with her loved ones at the Alabama trailer park where she grew up in an effort to start a new life in Washington, D.C.'s political scene. But after she gets caught up in a major national scandal, she's forced to seek refuge back home. If you thought it'd be a warm welcome back, you'd be wrong.

With Perry perfecting both TV comedy and drama, you have so much to keep you entertained until new episodes of Love Thy Neighbor (hopefully) come back into your life.

Images: OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (4); TLC