14 Clever & Affordable Bathroom Products That Make Life Easier

Whether you’re leveling up your space to adulthood status or finally moving into that epic college suite this semester, clever, affordable products for your bathroom should be a definite on your fall shopping list this year. The trick here is finding bathroom products that are both cool and practical, because while seven-year-old you was all about the 'My Little Pony Sea Ponies Collection' during bath time, adult you is looking for options that cut down on clutter and keep things convenient. It also doesn’t hurt if everything in there fits into the category of “sleek bathroom accessories,” because when your mom comes to visit, you’re looking to elicit a single proud tear over your well-decorated and maturely designed room.

When it comes to this type of task, online shopping is your best friend. I enjoy home department stores for a grand total of 15 minutes before a fluorescent light-induced headache sets in and I get overwhelmed by the countless aisles that (upon closer inspection) don’t actually have that much to choose from. That’s why I’ve done you a solid and sorted through Amazon’s home and bathroom accessories to find the coolest, cheapest things for your bathroom this year.

1. Keep Your Counter Safe From Styling Tools

Heat Resistant Station Travel Mat , $8, Amazon

Burning your towels is better than burning your counter, but not by much. This awesome heat-resistant station travel mat has interlocking panels that clip together into whatever shape you need to keep your hot tools separate from everything else. They’re also non-slip, travel-friendly, dishwasher safe, and can stand up to 450 degrees.

2. Start Making A Morning Shower Playlist

HotelSpa Chrome Shower Speaker , $20, Amazon

Not only does it look sleek, but this HotelSpa chrome shower speaker is waterproof and Bluetooth-friendly, so you can amp yourself up with tunes every morning in the shower. It’s also got a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and a suction cup for easy mounting. Best of all, reviewers say the speaker lasts a whole week on one USB charge.

3. This Luxurious Towel Wrap That Actually Stays Put

VEAMI Spa Wrap Towel (XS-XXL), $24, Amazon

For a towel wrap that’s as beautiful as it is functional, you’ve got this VEAMI spa wrap towel. Instead of Velcro, it’s got reliable snaps that you can adjust to your size. It’s also got a pocket (genius), and reviewers say it’s extra soft, comfortable, absorbent, and actually stays put.

4. Get Every Last Drop From Your Favorite Shampoo

Smart Funnel , $8, Amazon

Looking to get every last drop? This smart funnel lets you securely position your shampoo, soap, or conditioner bottles one on top of the other, so whatever’s left in the old bottle drips down into the new one. It clamps onto just about any size of bottle for a reliable hold, and the tool itself is really durable.

5. Keep Your Soap High And Dry

Aira Soap Saver , $8, Amazon

When water starts pooling in your soap dish, things get sticky and your soap just disintegrates. This cool-looking Aira soap saver keeps your bar high and dry, because it’s made from a chemical-free porous material that lets the water drain right out. It’s also totally customizable, because you can trim it to whatever shape you want.

6. This Adorably Fruity Bath Mat

Watermelon Microfiber Bath Mat , $20, Amazon

This sweet watermelon microfiber bath mat looks adorable and keeps your bathroom floor dry when you step out of the shower. It’s got a non-slip bottom, and it’s made from a durable and absorbent material that’s easy to take care of.

7. Switch Out Your Toilet Bowl Brush For A Piece of Artwork

Shari Toilet Bowl Brush , $25, Amazon

Who said toilet brushes need to be hideous? This Shari toilet bowl brush is as sleek as they come, and it doesn’t even look like a toilet brush. It’s a number one new release because it’s made with easy-to-clean stainless steel, and people love it because it’s durable, practical, and looks like a piece of artwork.

8. Never Snake Your Drain Again

TubShroom , $13, Amazon

For any shedder out there, this one’s for you. The TubShroom catches virtually every hair that falls into it because it wraps itself around the easy-to-clean bottom lip, but because of the mushroom shape, it allows for optimal water drainage while you’re showering. It fits every standard size drain, and is also super durable.

9. Make Laundry Day That Much Easier

SONGMICS Folding Laundry Basket , $33, Amazon

Stylishly sort your laundry with this SONGMICS folding laundry basket. It’s got two separate sections for darks and lights, making laundry day extra-convenient, and it’s as sturdy as it is beautiful with its bamboo design. Then, when it’s not in use, it folds up flat for easy storage.

10. Light Up Your Whole Face In A Dark Bathroom

LED Lighted Make Up Mirror, $27, Amazon

Light up your whole face with one touch. This touch-activated LED lighted makeup mirror has 16 built-in LED lights and a close-up mirror that make it easy to apply your makeup in a room with limited lighting. Not only does it rotate 180 degrees, but it’s got a wire-free design that makes it portable and convenient for travel.

11. Organize All Your Hair Tools In One Place

Saloniture Tabletop Blow Dryer & Hair Iron Holder , $26, Amazon

Plant this Saloniture tabletop blow dryer and hair iron holder on your counter, and never be disorganized again. It’s got a spot for your blow dryer, brushes, and hot tools, as well as three — count them, three — plugs that ensure you’ve always got enough power. Reviewers love it because it’s durable and bottom-heavy, so it won’t tip over.

12. Squeeze Every Last Bit Out Of Your Toothpaste

Color Key Tube Squeezer , $7, Amazon

This pack of two Color Key tube squeezers can be used on everything from hair dye to toothpaste. Simply slip the end of the tube into the slot and roll, ensuring that every bit is squeezed toward the front of the tube and out. Because it’s metal, it’s durable and washable, too.

13. Make Those Nighttime Bathroom Trips A Little Easier

Magic Toilet Night Light , $15, Amazon

If you’re sick of those middle-of-the-night bathroom trips burning your retinas, check out this Magic Toilet night light. It’s motion censored, so when someone walks into the bathroom, it turns your toilet eight vibrant colors, so that you can pee with the light off and still hit your target.

14. Turn Your Trash Can Into A Statement Piece

United Solutions Trellis Wastebasket , $15, Amazon

Trash cans can be an eyesore, or they can be a statement piece. This United Solutions trellis wastebasket has a gorgeous pattern that’s also sturdy, and because it holds a lot of trash while looking like part of the décor, reviews are saying things like, “It's a unique wastebasket and adds a nice decorative touch.”

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