Jonah Hill's Mom Reveals the Bizarre Things He Did as a Child in Obamacare Ad — VIDEO

Well, that was a headline I never expected to write. But when Jonah Hill's mom stars in an Obamacare video and spills years-old secrets about her son, then I guess everything's on the table. Along with the moms of Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, and Adam Levine, Hill's mother recently filmed a video encouraging young Americans to sign up for health insurance, and managed to give Jonah Hill-haters even more material than they already had (which was plenty).

"Jonah was a prankster," his mother, Sharon Feldstein, says in the video.

That's all fine and good; just a moment before, Levine's mother, Patsy Noah, had been recalling how her own son had been "rambunctious, mischievous, naughty" as a child.

But then, the advertisement suddenly turns dark, when Feldstein reveals one such example of Hill's "pranks."

"Jonah flooded the elementary school," she says.

Say what?! While Noah, sitting next to her, just laughs at the comment, we're not that quick to move on. Childhood pranks should involve water balloons or rolls of toilet paper, not flooding an entire building and likely causing thousands of dollars in damage. Not cool, teenage Jonah Hill.

But the reveals don't stop there; while further explaining Hill's past prankster-ness, Feldstein goes on to recall a certain vivid memory: "Jonah would like on top of my dashboard, and literally not get off."

Well, that's just weird. As pranks go, sitting on your mom's car dashboard for hours is kind of terrible. You're bored, she's annoyed, and eventually, you're just going to have to get off and let her drive. There is literally no point, other than pissing people off. Then again, as we're all too well aware, Hill's kind of an expert in that.

Of course, the video isn't all about Hill. Lopez's mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, reveals that she once thought her daughter should be a gymnast, seeing as baby J-Lo walked at eight months and "was climbing out of her gym at a year old." Similarly, Keys' mother, Terria Joseph, remembers fondly how her daughter only had to hear a song once before knowing how to play it, "so she never thought she had to practice."

As endearing as those anecdotes are, the main point of the video is, of course, Obamacare. All four mothers encourage the ad's young viewers to sign up for health insurance by the March 31 deadline, supported by the hashtag #YourMomCares and a cameo by the most famous mom in America herself, Michelle Obama, who reminds the youth of America that "we nag you because we love you."

It's a sweet message, and coming just a few days after the President's hilarious appearance on Between Two Ferns, it's clear that the Obama administration is set on using comedy and pop culture to appeal to younger citizens, at least where health care is concerned. Getting the mothers of some of the most famous — and wealthiest — people in Hollywood to voice their support for the Affordable Care Act is certainly a strange choice, but an understandable one.

"Us moms put up with a lot," Feldstein says. "But one thing we should never have to put up with is our kid not having health care."

This is also the woman who called Hill "gifted," "talented," and "kind," but on this end, we believe her. Watch the video below:

Your Mom Cares on YouTube