12 Weird But Entertaining Things To Buy On Amazon

The internet is a wondrous placed filled with endless information, Parks and Rec gifs, and emerging trends, like weird but entertaining products on Amazon. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love knowing what kinds of weird things people are buying online because it says a whole lot about people as a culture. Sometimes, pure happiness is as easy as curling up on the couch with your newfound mermaid tail, or spying on your neighbor through your hidden spy camera clock, while he waters the plants.

Amazon is a great place to see what people are buying lately — especially when it comes to weird but useful stuff. Firstly, it’s estimated that the site has over 244 million active users, which gives you a pretty reliable sample group for trending purchases. Secondly, Amazon has this epic category called “Movers & Shakers,” in which Amazon posts the items and products that have been selling like crazy in the past 24 hours. That leaves you with a pretty good understanding of what kinds of stuff people are flipping out over, and while some of them might be a little weird or random, they’re also pretty practical sometimes.

1. Remote Controlled Flying Shark

Remote Controlled Flying Shark , $30, Amazon

Guys. This is a flying shark that you can control with a remote from up to 40 feet away — it's essentially a nylon balloon that you fill with helium, so it's not going to be breaking any wall fixtures if you're not a great pilot. It'll stay inflated for two weeks, and one reviewer said, "We have the shark, and first of all, let me say that virtually everybody's first reaction upon seeing it is to yell out a four-letter word!"

2. You Won't Be Able To Put This 'Liquid Glass' Silly Putty Down

Crazy Aaron's Putty World Liquid Glass , $12, Amazon

Remember how obsessed you were with silly putty growing up? This is like the adult version — way more entertaining than that pink goo you used to waste your time on. This one looks like glass when you mold it into different shapes, but if glass doesn't amaze you, you can even get different putties that glow in the dark or are super magnetic.

3. Little Gummy Beads That Expand When Dropped In Water

MarvelBeads Water Beads Rainbow Mix , $9, Amazon

You used to pass the time with those mini sponges that you could drop into water and watch turn into dinosaurs. These are the sophisticated version of that, although any kids in your life will likely be just as amused as you. These beads are teensy tiny until you drop them into a bowl of water, and then they expand to several times their size. They feel cool and they look cool, too — keep them in a clear vase on the coffee table for instant entertainment.

4. Step Up That Bathtub Instagram Game

Color My Bath Color-Changing Tablets , $11, Amazon

You know the one — the toes peeking out of the bubbles with the "#NightIn" caption? Go for Instagram gold by dyeing the water a crazy-cool color of blue, pink, or yellow. While the bathtub color-changing tablets are marketed to kids' bathttime, one reviewer said, "You would think I bought this for a child, but no, I bought it for myself, because taking a bath in multi-colored water is AMAZING."

5. A Clock That’s Also A Spy Camera

Wiseup WiFi Network Hidden Camera Clock, $86, Amazon

Whether you’re an aspiring secret agent or just keeping tabs on your dog, this Wiseup WiFi network hidden camera clock is an alarm and a spy camera all in one. It uses WiFi to send footage straight to your device or record it, and because it looks like a clock, no one has any idea. It’s also got a built-in night vision function because, why not?

6. Spend Some Time Spreading On Food-Based Korean Face Masks

TONYMOLY I'm Real Mask Sheet Pack, $10, Amazon

This TONYMOLY 'I'm Real' mask sheet pack is trending like crazy right now because it uses natural ingredients to create 11 different masks, fit for any kind of skin issue from clogged pores to dryness. It’s part of the growing trend of Korean skincare products, and reviewers love it because the masks skip the chemicals and work wonders for your face. Plus, what's more entertaining than spreading around food based masks on your face?

7. Check Out This Virtual Reality Headset

Innoo Virtual Reality Glasses 3D, $17, AmazonTotally surround yourself with virtual reality, in order to fully experience your favorite 3D video games and movies. This headset's faceplate is specially engineered, too, to allow heat to escape, so you can stay cool, comfortable, and completely immersed.

8. Prank Your Guests

$100 USD Currency Toilet Paper Roll, $8, Amazon

Okay, so your guests would have to be extremely gullible to think you use hundreds in the bathroom, but that initial surprise is totally worth it.

9. This Intriguing R-Rated Coloring Book

Bad Boyz of Romance Adult Coloring Book, $10, Amazon

This odd but intriguing Bad Boyz of Romance adult coloring book takes famous male authors of erotica and romance novels and depicts themes from their books in R-rated illustrations. It’s a number one new release in the category of particularly adult-like adult coloring books, and buyers are warned, “Pages between these two covers may contain images that will scorch your eyebrows and/or eyelashes.”

10. These Giant Jenga-Like Blocks

Giant Tumbling Timbers , $100, Amazon

These Giant Tumbling Timbers could totally make your next barbeque or adult party. They’re essentially just giant Jenga blocks that measure two and a half feet while stacked, and can grow to over five feet while playing the game. They’re relatively lightweight and durable, and they come in a nylon carrying case for easy transport.

11. This Blanket That Turns You Into A Pretty Mermaid

LAGHCAT Crocheted Mermaid Tail Blanket, $21, Amazon

This lightweight and super soft LAGHCAT crocheted mermaid tail blanket keeps you warm and magical while you’re on the couch with your Netflix. Even though it holds its shape as a glorious mermaid tail, the bottom is still open, so you don’t feel confined or uncomfortable, and reviewers are loving it because it fits any size and any age.

12. Entertain Yourself (While Cleaning Your Pores) With Powdered Clay

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, $9, Amazon

This AZTEC SECRET Indian healing clay is pretty much just a tub of clay, but it works wonderfully for things like acne, foot soaks, body wraps, and even chilled knee packs. Reviewers especially love it for DIY facials, and they say it leaves their pores looking small and their skin feeling silky smooth. Plus, beating boredom by making clay masks is pretty much any beauty guru's skin care secret.

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