Can Allison Williams Really Sing? The 'Girls' Star Has a YouTube Past Just Like Marnie — VIDEOS

Ever since Allison Williams' character Marnie on Girls admitted that her dream is to become a famous singer, Marnie hasn't stopped singing in public. Some of our favorite moments from Girls include Marnie humiliating herself by singing in public at completely inappropriate times. (We will NEVER forget the tragedy that was Marnie covering Kanye West's "Stronger." Oh my god, it is like watching a car wreck.) Now that she's doing it at an open mic-night, read: an appropriate time, we can't wait to see how things pan out. But the question remains: Can Allison Williams really sing?

We know that Lena Dunham bases a lot of the stories on Girls on things that have happened to her and her friends, which means that, oftentimes, characters are reenacting situations that have happened to the actors or someone else that the actors know. When it comes to Marnie Michaels, we want to know if Allison Williams thinks she can sing just as much as Marnie thinks she can sing.

And, of course, if Allison Williams is really as good — if not also awkward and cringe-inducing — as Marnie is on the show. Is that really Allison's voice belting out "Take Me Or Leave Me" from Rent? The answer: Hell, yeah, and we have video evidence to prove it.

It turns out that Marnie's storyline may have been a little bit inspired by Allison Williams' own YouTube past. Remember how Charlie posted that humiliating music video on YouTube before dumping Marnie? Well, while Allison doesn't have anything quite that bad on the Internet, she does have a few covers that might make you laugh out loud.

For the record, we love Allison's voice — it's sweet, and clear, and she's very obviously musically gifted. So why do the videos make us feel so dang uncomfortable? We like to think it's the "I'm-going-to-stare-into-the-depths-of-your-soul" thing that Allison has going on in these videos, among plenty of other reasons.


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