'Jim & Chrissy' Are Still Heading To The Aisle

Everyone knows a couple who's been together forever and still isn't ready to get married, or just doesn't want to. But I don't think anyone that you know comes close to Love & Hip Hop couple Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin, who have been engaged for so long that they've had two spinoffs, including the upcoming Sept. 1 premiere of Jim & Chrissy: Vow or Never, which will document the couple's latest attempt to finally walk down the aisle. But are Jim and Chrissy finally married? As of right now... no. However, they are still together, and they've been determinedly standing up for their relationship to prove that they're not going to break up again.

Probably the most surprising thing to me is that the couple hasn't decided if they're going to televise their wedding, nor have they publicized the date. According to an interview with Billboard, Jim wants to put it on the show, since the whole spinoff will be leading up to the ceremony, citing the last decade of their relationship as plenty of evidence that people are interested in seeing their long-delayed nuptials. But Chrissy completely disagrees, telling Billboard, "A wedding day is already pressure and madness, and I think the camera just adds an extra aspect of too much pressure."

In the season trailer above, you can see that there's a lot of discussion bout whether or not Jim and Chrissy will finally be able to plan a wedding without breaking up. It looks like all of the boring organization that goes into getting married doesn't exactly mix with Jim's new Miami lifestyle. He's living like he's in a music video, while his fiancee is attempting to plan the ceremony. To make things even more stressful, Jim's mother doesn't seem to think they're ready, despite their 11-year romantic history, while Jim himself seems to want a wedding that will look good on camera more than he wants to please Chrissy, who wants something more intimate.

And even though they're still not married, Jim has been very defensive about his relationship online. It's become something of an inside joke between Love & Hip Hop fans that Jim and Chrissy will never really get married, and that their on-again, off-again relationship will somehow never lead to real commitment. But let's just say Jim isn't amused by these comments. Anytime a meme or a joke pops up on Twitter or Instagram, it seems that Jim is there in a flash to defend both his relationship and Chrissy. It's not quite the same as showing up for catering meetings or choosing a venue for their real wedding, but it's clear that even though this couple hasn't made things legally official, they're supporting each other and very much together.