BECCA Bronzed Amber Is Gorgeous

by Kali Borovic

As if the brand wasn't already killing it with their glowy products, they're adding anothe option to their shop. Becca's Bronzed Amber Highlighter is coming soon, and you'll fall in love with it at first sight. What inspired the new pressed powder shade? You probably won't recognize it, but it's much more familiar than you might think.

What do you get when you combine three bestselling powder shades? Apparently one stunning highlighter. According to the company's Instagram, the new Amber Bronze shimmering powder is a mix of three different shades — Wild Honey Mineral Blush and Opal and Topaz Shimmering Skin Perfectors. Basically, it's the perfect mix of powders that you never knew you needed.

The combo of the three brings a gorgeous deep golden shine to the table. Bronzed Amber is the perfect name for this shade, in my opinion. The mix of dark and light shades makes it completely unique. Since it's a blend of both undertones, it works well for a large variety of skin tones too. The best part is that it's available super soon. The new pressed powders, which featured a cool graphic design in the pan, will hit the BECCA Cosmetics site on Sept. 1. Talk about a surprise release!

How gorgeous is that! I love that they brought a brand new look to the classic powder formula. There's no telling whether this shade is limited-edition or not. Fingers crossed that it is here to stay though.

Mineral Blush in Wild Honey, $32,

This is one of the powders that the highlighter was inspired by. It's a pinky bronze that works well for fall.

Shimmering Skin Perfector in Topaz, $38,

The Topaz Shimmering Skin Perfector is where Bronzed Amber gets that deep shine from. Odds are that the new shade will be the same price as the other colors in the range, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, $38,

The brightness comes from Opal, which is a cult favorite highlight from the brand.

This is going to be a bestselling product for sure.

Images: kerrycole15/Instagram (1), (3)