16 Gift Ideas For Boyfriends

If you're looking for advice on what to get your boyfriend for his birthday, you'll probably encounter a lot of stereotypes: sports, grilling, ties, and bacon-scented things. If your boyfriend truly enjoys these kinds of gifts, that's great. It probably makes gift shopping for him a little bit easier. However, maybe boyfriends aren't your thing (see: gifts for girlfriends; gender-neutral gifts), maybe you're just looking to treat yourself, or maybe your boyfriend can't be so easily categorized. In that case, I suggest making your boyfriend a very thoughtful handwritten book in which you outline all the reasons why he’s just so darn original.

If that's the case, and your boyfriend would rather do something other than grilling up a bacon burger in a tie, you've definitely got options — even if they're not the most obvious ones right off the bat. Whether he's a world traveler, a techie, a lover of science, or particularly fashion-forward, a few easy clicks could mean that you're all set for his special day. So if you do happen to find yourself in a relationship with a guy and his birthday’s coming up, check out these cool and thoughtful gifts that your significant other will love. Read on for more.

For The Techie

UMi Virtual Reality Headset , $24, Amazon

The virtual reality craze is picking up steam like nobody’s business, and this UMi virtual reality headset lets you watch movies, check out videos, or play games in all-encompassing 3D. It’s super comfortable to wear because of the adjustable lenses and elastic bands, and reviewers love that it’s easy to use and fits most phones.

Solar Powered Phone Charger , $22, Amazon

Nothing quite like charging your phone entirely with the sun. This epic solar-powered phone charger has a powerful battery that keeps you prepared no matter where you are (from power outages to camping), and it’s also got a built-in LED flashlight for emergencies.

For The Stylish & Well-Groomed Gent

Topwell Walnut Wood Watch , $32, Amazon

A watch is one thing, but this Topwell walnut wood watch is a definite fashion statement. It’s handmade out of walnut with a leather strap that’s both sleek and comfortable. The silver hands make for a striking contrast, and it comes in a classy box that’s ready for impressive gifting.

The Clean Shave Complete Wet Shaving Set , $50, Amazon

Whether he likes a close shave or he’s really into impeccable facial hair sculpting, The Clean Shave's wet shaving set has it all. It comes with a great quality safety razor, a badger hair shaving brush, and a lather bowl. They look incredible on the countertop, and men are saying that this razor gives them one of the closest shaves they’ve ever had.

For The Science Lover

Celestron Travel Telescope , $78, Amazon

If your partner's a lover of all-things-space, this best-selling Celestron travel telescope is an entertaining and educational option. It delivers clear, crisp images with great quality lenses and a full-sized tripod, but the whole thing folds up into the included backpack that makes for easy travel and storage. It also comes with astronomy software that has a huge database and printable sky maps.

The Dino Pet , $70, Amazon

The Dino Pet might just look like an awesome glowing paperweight, but it’s actually filled with millions of non-toxic marine plankton called Dinoflagellates that emit a cool, blueish glow at night — the same ones that create those awesome glowing beach pictures that you’ve probably seen all over Pinterest. It also comes with Dino food, and reviewers say, “It requires more care than a pet rock, but not much.”

For The One Who's Always Cooking Up Something

Personalized Cutting Board , $35, Amazon

For that boyfriend who’s a champion in the kitchen, this personalized cutting board is an awesome way to make him feel special and inspired at the same time. You can choose your personalized engraving, as well as which type of wood you’d prefer, and it’s also durable, well-made, and looks pretty damn classy, too.

For The Creative Type

142-Piece Wood Art Set , $28, Amazon

If he’s into painting, comic-book illustrations, or just plain arts and crafts, this 142-piece wood art set covers all your bases. It comes with pencils, pastels, and watercolors, as well as an eraser and a sharpener. Best of all, everything fits in a sturdy and professional-looking wooden case that’s great for storage and travel.

For The Practical One

Occidental Leather Tool Holder , $40, Amazon

If you’ve got a practical boyfriend, odds are someone’s given him tools between now and his first birthday. This stylish and useful Occidental leather tool holder, however, holds up to five of those tools in a reliable leather belt accessory. Reviwers say it’s so durable and helpful, they don’t know how they ever lived without it.

Leotruny Colorful Combed Cotton Socks, $17, Amazon

My boyfriend is ridiculously practical. He doesn’t want it unless he can use it, and he’s always saying, “Just get me underwear and socks.” For boyfriends like that, there’s these Leotruny combed cotton socks. They’re made from combed cotton and are perfectly safe for the wash, and reviewers are saying things like, "I get a chuckle out of them when I put them on in the morning, and maybe, just maybe, they help me step a bit lighter into my day."

For The Music Fan

Pick Punch , $23, Amazon

If you’re dating a guitar player, the pick punch is a must-have. It allows him to make one-snap picks out of old credit cards or plastic sheets, so it’s a great way to recycle. He can also make custom picks from his favorite materials, and because it’s heavy-duty and reliable, he’ll never be without one again.

Qshell Winter Comfy Bluetooth Beanie , $30, Amazon

When the cold weather sets in, don’t make your man choose between his headphones and his favorite ear-warming apparatus. Combine the two with this awesome Qshell bluetooth beanie, which plays his favorite tunes wirelessly through Bluetooth straight into his ears, all while keeping his head extra toasty. These beanies have a volume control right on them, and they’re pretty trendy-looking, too.

For The Adventure Seeker

Barmaster’s Pro Bar Travel Set , $59, Amazon

If you’ve got an aspiring bartender on your hands (or a real one, for that matter), get him this Barmaster’s pro bar travel set. It comes with all the professional-quality essentials that he needs to mix up the best drinks, no matter where he is, and because it comes in a velvet-lined carrying box where everything has a spot, it’s great for on-the-go drinkage.

Premium Scratch Off Map , $56, Amazon

This scratch-off map is an awesome gift for any world traveler, even if your man hasn’t been anywhere yet. When nothing is scratched off, the map has a classy gold finish, and once the country has been checked off the been-to list, you can scratch it off to reveal the vibrant colors underneath. It also comes with a special marker that helps you write in the details of your trip.

For The One Who's Always On The Go

WASING Inflatable Air Lounger , $39, Amazon

Whether he’s an avid camper or he’s tailgating at his favorite ball game, this WASING inflatable air lounger makes a great break for any active guy. You can inflate it in about ten seconds without a pump for an instant hammock/couch that’s beyond comfortable. It’s got a side pocket to hold all your stuff, a carry bag for easy travel, and an upgraded design that’s super high quality.

Spikeball Combo Game , $60, Amazon

My friends are all obsessed with this Spikeball Combo game, even though they’re full-grown men. It’s a great way to get everyone up and active at the beach or a barbeque, and sometimes they even forego their Super Smash Bros tournaments to get in a round of this. It’s an interactive four-player volleyball-like game that comes with a net, three balls, a rulebook, and a drawstring carrying bag, so he’s got all he needs to get started.

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