Will 'Killjoys' Return For Season 3? Catch Up On These Sci-fi/Fantasy Shows While You Wait

Over the course of Killjoys Season 2, the Syfy space-drama has continued the adventures of Dutch, Johnny, and D'avin as they dove further into the mysterious goings on of the Quad. However, for fans like me who have fallen in love with the spunky team of reclamation agents, there's something I've got to know: Will Killjoys get a Season 3? OK I lied, there's more I need to know: Are the Nine preparing the Quad for an alien invasion? Will Dutch and D'avin ever get over themselves and admit their feelings for one another? Will Johnny ever be happy? Will the badass cyborg Clara come back?

All that aside, knowing whether or not Killjoys will return is probably the most important question hanging over the Syfy series — so let's take a look at the ratings. According to TV Series Finale, Killjoys has middling ratings compared to the network's other series, ranking higher than renewed shows Wynonna Earp and 12 Monkeys. Along with the positive critical response — including Variety's Maureen Ryan, who touts Killjoys as "a light, well-made, zippy TV show" — it seems likely the series will be renewed for a third season.

But, with Seasons 1 and 2 of Killjoys airing in the summer, it's likely we won't see a third season until June 2017 at the earliest. So, to tide you over until then, I've got some fun sci-fi fare to check out in the meantime.



OK, if you're this deep into an article about a show following space-traversing bounty hunters and you haven't seen Firefly, I only have two words for you: For shame! Catch Firefly on Netflix because it is required viewing.

Dark Matter

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This particular Syfy series airs in the same Friday night TV block as Killjoys, so if you don't already catch it after Dutch and her boys conclude their adventures for the night, it may be worth checking out. The series also features a crew of a spaceship and an overarching mystery. Sound interesting? The first season of Dark Matter is on Netflix, and new episodes from Season 2 are on Syfy.


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This TV miniseries takes a different spin on the spaceship idea, inspired by the real-life Project Orion from the 1950s, and I don't want to spoil it so I'll leave it at that. You can catch all six episodes of Ascension on Netflix.

Lost Girl


Created by the woman responsible for Killjoys, Michelle Lovretta, Lost Girl leans more toward fantasy than sci-fi as it follows a bisexual succubus learning to control her powers. However, if strong female characters and compelling sci-fi/fantasy are your jam, you can watch all five seasons of Lost Girl on Netflix.

Wynonna Earp


Another series more rooted in fantasy than sci-fi is Syfy's Wynonna Earp, which follows the titular character as she returns to her hometown to resume her role as a demon hunter. However, if you enjoy watching Dutch, Johnny, and D'avin, the trio of heroes on Wynonna Earp — including Wynonna, her sister Waverly, and Agent Dolls — are another fun-to-watch team. The first season of Wynonna Earp is on Syfy.

So, while we may need to wait a while to learn whether or not Killjoys is returning (and, if it is, even longer for Season 3 to actually arrive), there is plenty of good sci-fi TV out there to tide fans over.

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