A Backstreet Boys 2014 Summer Tour Tailgate Drinking Game Because There's No Such Thing as "Too Old"

Everybooooddddddyyy. YEAAAAAAHHHH! Rock your booooodddd-aaaayyyy. YEAAAAAHHH. Eeeeevvvverrryyyboooddddyyyy rock your body right. BACKSTREET’S BACK ON TOUR THIS SUMMER! Praise be the lords of late '90s/early '00s pop because the era’s greatest boy band (don’t EVEN try to debate me on this) just announced a mega-huge summer tour. I don’t even care that it’s March and I’m stuck in the blistering cold Northeast... summer is coming, and this is the greatest news of all.

Now let’s just all disregard or choose to ignore the fact that the median age of BSB is 38 (and looking GOOD) and just embrace that it’s going to be everything that makes summer and boy bands so glorious. It’s not a guilty pleasure, it’s just a straight up pleasure, y’all.

Think of it: you, your best friends, lots of day-glo fashion choices, Brian, AJ, Howie, Kevin, Nick, and tens of thousands of fellow fans who share in your unabashed love of all things Backstreet (even AJ’s weird Johnny No Name phase). It’s going to be a thing of beauty.

Now there is ONE miiiiiinor detail that keeps this summer tour from being perfect in every way... the opening act. It's Avril Lavigne. C’mon fellas, really? You couldn’t have asked a far more worthy early '00s pop star like Natalie Imbruglia or 3LW?

In any case, skipping out on the opening act just means you’ll have more time for having the best tailgate party of the summer. Therefore, Bustle is proud to present your official BSB Summer Tour Tailgate Drinking Game!

Remember everyone, only drink if you’re 21 and up and drink responsibly because BSB and their fans are class acts.

The first and most obvious rule of the game:

When your favorite member has a solo you must drink (if you’re a Kevin or Howie fan you have to drink twice because it’s just not fair to us Brian, AJ, and Nick fans).

Everyone drinks when:

  • You and your friends unconsciously start snapping and doing glorious BSB hand gestures in unison.<img src="https://lovelace-media.imgix.net/uploads/114/20ea6ba0-8dc8-0131-acb9-12737e045ec2.gif?w=320"/>
  • There’s a pause in a song followed by an epic key change (this is every song, by the way).
  • Someone in the parking lot joins your group’s dance party.
  • A security guard poses for pics with you or gives you a high five. <img src="https://lovelace-media.imgix.net/uploads/114/6eeed720-8dc8-0131-acb9-12737e045ec2.gif?w=320"/>
  • Someone in the group uses their hand to demonstrate the melodies and who is hitting the high notes in “I Want it That Way.”
  • Kevin talks at the beginning of a song like a vampiric Barry White.
  • You see another group in the parking lot doing boy band poses for their pics.
  • Everyone does the “Everybody” move.<img src="https://lovelace-media.imgix.net/uploads/114/c2bfc230-8dc8-0131-7681-264487240286.gif?w=320"/>
  • You spot a miserable boyfriend of a concert-goer.
  • You spot a BSB fan and her kid and the mom is WAY more into it than her child.
  • Someone plays a track from Never Gone, Unbreakable, and This is Us... and no one or only half of your group knows the lyrics.
  • You spot a DIY tee or sign.
  • You spot a car with window paint and BSB lyrics written all over.

Take a shot or drink twice when:

  • A song plays from the European release of their debut album (“Everytime I Close My Eyes” or “Let’s Have a Party” for example).
  • There is a Lou Pearlman reference.
  • Someone brings up AJ’s hair plugs.
  • Someone says “chirp chirp” a la Brian Littrell’s tweeting habits.
  • Someone from another tailgate plays an Avril Lavigne song and everyone in your group boos.
  • Someone from another tailgate plays an N*Stink song and everyone boos and/or riots.<img src="https://lovelace-media.imgix.net/uploads/114/fde64a10-8dc9-0131-689e-2a86e777e6aa.gif?w=320"/>
  • Someone slips in an Aaron Carter song into the playlist... and no one is upset.
  • You have a genuine debate with a fellow BSB fan about whether Millenium or Black and Blue had more artistic integrity.<img src="https://lovelace-media.imgix.net/uploads/114/b1912b60-8dc9-0131-4ccb-16a48a65c873.gif?w=320"/>
  • There’s an argument about what instrument each of the boys play.
  • “Don’t Turn Out the Lights” by NKOTBSB plays.
  • Brian and Nick fans refer to themselves as Frick and Frack.
  • Someone brings up Nick’s thing with sharks.

Have fun everyone and remember, if you want it to be good girl, get yourself a bad boy (or girl who is actually quite nice and respects your body, your mind, your choices, and your spirit)!

The Boys made the announcement earlier today on Good Morning America, check out the clip: