Pretty Plus Size Thongs (That Don't Feel Like Dental Floss)

From when I first started choosing underwear for myself to now, ten years later, a thong is my favorite type of panties. That said, it can be hard finding plus size thongs that don't cut into the sides of my body and leave me feeling like I'm slowly being sliced in two by some very fine pieces of razor wire. But still, I'm not giving up on my adoration on this kind of knicker.

Thongs make me feel sexy and as a woman — especially as a plus size woman — I deserve a thong that is equal parts sexy and comfortable. There's no rule that once you reach a certain size, your panties have to resemble something you laughed at your grandma for wearing as a kid. So, here are the best thongs that won't make you feel like you're being tortured in a Saw franchise film, and most importantly, make you feel pretty in your panties. After all, there's plenty of debate around whether you even need to wear underwear, so your thong is, arguably, purely there for aesthetic reasons.

Although that means that you may not need some pretty plus size thongs, wanting them is more than a good enough excuse to invest in a few pairs.

1. Everybody Loves A Bargain

RwalkinZ 5-Pack Plus Size Thongs (4-16W), $9, Amazon

I don't care if you just won the lottery or if you're the queen of France, everybody loves a bargain. So why get one cute thong when you can get five? I especially adore the bright, fun colors — as well as the customary black thong, of course.

2. Cobalt Blue With Peekaboo Detailing

Lace Thong With Keyhole Detail (1X-4X Plus), $8-$11, Amazon

This super cute thong has a keyhole detail, which is a lovely touch to any garment, IMO. The cobalt blue color will also make a nice change from the usual pinks and blacks seen in most women's underwear drawers.

3. Two Lots Of Lace

Purfeel Plus Size Thong (M-3XL) , $8, Amazon

This thong is made of lace and laces up, which makes it twice as sexy, at least by my count! This thong also gives a bit more coverage than your usual thong, if that's what you're looking for.

4. Hidden Secrets

Open Crotch Tanga Thong (1X-4X Plus), $7-$16, Amazon

This seems like quite a modest thong choice for your panty drawer until you open your legs and suddenly, your knickers don't have a crotch! Not only does this save the hassle of removing your favorite lingerie when getting down to business, but an open crotch panty is undeniably sexy.

5. Something Sweet

Ekouaer Plus Size Thongs 3-Pack (11-14 Plus Size), $13, Amazon

And if raunchy just isn't what you're looking for, this super-sweet three pack of thongs incorporates a lacy frill all along the top. Making your underwear choice feel that little bit more innocent.

6. Vintage Vibes

Hanky Panky Retro Thong (O/S - Fits 14-24), $25, Amazon

I love a retro touch to any wardrobe, so why not bring your love of all things vintage to your underwear too? This Hanky Panky pair is the perfect thong for any retro babe.

7. Go Low Rise With A Scalloped Lace Edge

Cosabella Amore Plus Size Adore Thong (1X-3X Plus) , $4-$16, Amazon

Going subtle, semi-sheer, and low-rise at the waist doesn't mean forgetting all about the details. This Cosabella thong accomplishes all three, and it does so while keeping comfort a priority.

8. Strapped Up

Three Pack Strappy Thong (M-3XL), $12-$16, Amazon

With three straps at the hip instead of one, you get the look of a G-string without the uncomfortable feel that sometimes accompanies it. Another multipack offer — this time for three thongs — and TBH, one of my favorite pairs of panties on this list. A little more on trend than the others but still incredibly sexy.

9. Moisture-Wicking Minimalistic Laser Cut Thong

Piday Laser Cut Seamless G-String (L-2XL), $15, Amazon

OK, hear me out: I know this may not be what you had in mind when you thought pretty plus size thongs, but these colorful minimalist thongs wick away moisture and are super lightweight for breathability. In short, these are the pretty thong options for any athleisure lovers out there (plus, it's another multipack).

10. A Lot To Consider

Open Crotch Lace Thong (1X-4X Plus), $8-$11, Amazon

This thong is lacy; this thong is strappy, and this thong has an open crotch. This thong proves you don't have to settle for one major design feature, and this thong proves it in style. A cute but sexy must-have for any lingerie drawer.

11. Pretty As A Pearl

Ooh La La Cherie Pearl Thong (1X-4X Plus), $2-$15, Amazon

I want to find whoever designed this thong and shake their hand. No, you probably can't wear this thong under jeans or out and about, but it will make a nice difference to the rest of your undies collection.

12. A Glamorous Garter

Satin Thong With Attached Front Garter Belt (1X-6X Plus), $10, Amazon

I can't be the only one who can't be bothered with the hassle of a garter belt and thankfully, this panty solves all garter related problems by having a garter built in! Even if you're not wearing stockings, it's a super sexy touch that only adds to this satin thong.

13. A Whole Lotta Lace

Cosabella Never Say Never Lovely Thong (12-22), $20-$25, Amazon

The attention to detail on this thong is what makes it so sexy: There hasn't been a thought spared in making a thong that you'll actually want to wear.

14. Shimmer Shimmer

Shimmering Satin Thong (S-6X Plus), $20, Amazon

This super cute, shimmery thong goes from a size S to a size 6X, which means you and the whole squad can have a pair! That is, if you're from a squad that often rocks matching panties.

15. Crossing The Line

Lace Plus Size Thong (1X-4X Plus), $23, Amazon

I love the lace detailing at the sides of this thong as well as the front, but I especially adore that little criss cross, keyhole detail at the front. I mean, if you're investing in a bikini wax — or you have a particularly impressive bush — why wouldn't you want to show it off?

Personally, I find every single thong on this list totally pretty — be that because it's super sexy, covered in cute lace, or just a fun departure from your usual panty choice. But if you're not quite as open with your underwear choices as I am, I'm sure there's at least one plus size thong on this list that will appeal to your pretty underwear budget.

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