ColourPop's Labor Day Promo Is Can't Miss

Only a true (and proud) makeup junkie can understand why this gives us life. You can never, ever have too many or enough lips colors or formulas, from lipsticks to glosses to mattes to metallics. So when ColourPop Cosmetics launches a Labor Day promotion that rewards customers, shoppers, and fans with full-sized, free tubes of the upcoming Fall 2016 Ultra Matte Lip collection, you yank out the credit card and you start shopping immediately. With ColourPop's insanely awesome Labor Day promo, you shop and you get free lippies that are basically an advance look at the Fall 2016 collection. This is why the L.A.-based brand, which has built its reputation on affordable, on-trend, and quality products that are fun to play with, is so beloved. So what's the deal with ColourPop's Labor Day Promotion? How can you get the most Ultra Matte lippies?

Here's the intel. The promotion starts on Thursday, Sept. 1 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT, and it runs until supplies last. That translates to "not long," since ColourPop diehards will be all over this promo and the stock will likely be drained near-instantly.

You get a free tube of one of the new, Fall 2016 Ultra Matte Lip shades if you spend $20. The swatches of the new ColourPop Ultra Mattes look gorge, so there's that. But wait... it gets even better.

Spend 30? Get two free tubes. Spend $40? Get three Ultra Mattes. Spend $50 and you get all four of the new Ultra Mattes. It’s a beautiful way to sample the new, richly pigmented, wine-and-nude-and-berry hued Fall 2016 Ultra Mattes. Plus, you'll also be purchasing a haul of products for the new season.

Those are perfect fall hues. Neutrals! Nudes! Berries! Wines! Those are all essential for fall.

Yes, you have to spend some cashola to get your freebies, which is the case with most promos like this. But the best thing about the ColourPop promo is that you don’t have to break the bank in order to get those extra free lippies.

Since most ColourPop products are around $6, you can get like eight things and several freebies.

And I mentioned that the free Ultra Mattes are not sample-sized, right? They are the full-sized tubes. It's an embarrassment of lip riches.

The new shades are Viper, Times Square, Notion, and Lovebug. They all slay.

Again, I expect this promo to be extremely popular, so be sure and hop on the ColourPop site about 10 minutes before the Labor Day promo starts so you don't get shut out.

Images: ColourPop Cosmetics/Instagram (2); ColourPop Snapchat (2)