Can You Buy Proactiv In Stores? It's Now Available At This Major Destination

Even if you don't use it the products yourself, you are undoubtedly (and at least) aware of the brand based on the informercials and the celebrity endorsers, from Adam Levine to Katy Perry to Julianne Hough. Proactiv products have long been considered a miracle cure for acne sufferers. For the most part, Proactiv users have had to purchase the products online, via TV offers, or through kiosks at select mall locations. However, as of Thursday, Sept. 1, Proactiv is available at a major beauty boutique and shopping destination, putting the brand into more hands. Where can you now purchase Proactiv products?

Users and even those who are casually curious about the brand can now purchase Proactiv products at Ulta! Yes, Ulta is the exclusive retail outpost for Proactiv, making it even easier to get. According to Women's Wear Daily, the sister brand X Out will also be sold via Ulta. This marks the very first time that Proactiv will be available at a national beauty retailer.

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Here's the basic intel. Proactiv products have cruised into 375 Ulta stores and online. While Proactiv became known via its infomercials, its new status as "sold as Ulta" makes it accessible to a wider selection of people who are dealing with acne. That's a wonderful thing.

The reason that Proactiv is now calling Ulta home? Simple. Customer demand. Proactiv's Kimber Maderazzo told WWD that Ulta has "the exact consumer who we are looking for... Their customers have been asking for Proactiv."

Click Here to Buy Proactiv at Ulta

Ulta's Dave Kimbell echoed that sentiment, telling WWD that "Our guests have been requesting Proactiv by name, given its reputation for helping people achieve clear, healthy-looking skin."

It's really a case of Ulta listening to its shoppers and giving them what they want. It truly is a killer destination that has something for everyone and addresses all beauty and skin needs.

Images: Proactiv/Instagram (3)