16 Tropical Storm Hermine Tweets & Jokes

Although people were mostly focused on Tropical Storm Gaston earlier this month, Tropical Storm Hermine is turning out to be the bigger threat. CNN reported that the it will probably escalate into a hurricane by the time it makes landfall, which could be early morning on Sept. 2. But despite the very real natural disaster heading toward the Gulf Coast, the internet instead focused on its name, tweeting that they want Tropical Storm Hermine to be named after Hermione, the beloved Harry Potter character.

There's an interesting history behind how Tropical Storm Hermine got its name. An international committee of people from the United Nations World Meteorological Organization select from a list of names that have been submitted for each year. And the naming goes in alphabetical order, which is why "Gaston" came before "Hermine." People were even upset that Tropical Storm Hermine wasn't named Tropical Storm Harambe in honor of the late gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo. (These Tropical Storm Harambe memes will show you just how seriously people took this issue.)

But at the end of the day, neither Hermine nor even Harambe would truly satisfy the internet. Instead, Hermione Granger was apparently the only suitable name for the storm and these 16 tweets show how unhappy people are that its not named after her:

A Harry Potter spell would be much appreciated right now to stop Tropical Storm Hermine from taking aim at Florida. Maybe if it was actually named after Hermione that would be a possibility, but since it's not, it's clear the internet won't slow down in focusing on the seemingly arbitrary name rather than the actual disaster it could cause once it hits land.