Gloria Steinem Sticks Up For Jennifer Aniston Like the Kickass Feminist She Is

Since her romance with Brad Pitt fell apart — 9 years ago — Jennifer Aniston has been the subject of media ridicule and judgment. But now, People has feminist hero and founder of Ms. magazine, Gloria Steinem on the record in defense of the actress, so perhaps it's time the legions of Aniston haters pack up their things and move on.

The media pressure has been relentless on Aniston for years. When she was first single, she was Sad, Serially-Single Jen while claims that she couldn't get a boyfriend swirled about. She was the "villain" in her breakup with Pitt (even though he left her for Angelina Jolie) because she reportedly didn't want to have kids and he did. Pregnancy rumors have plagued the flaxen-haired actress for eons, because for some reason, the media minds that be desperately want her to have a child. And now that she's found happiness with writer and actor Justin Theroux, Aniston can't step outside and squint at the sun without a headline about her imminent breakup popping up on some gossip publication.

At least Aniston now has Steinem on her side, even if it is reprehensible that she needs to defend herself and her lifestyle choices at all.

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Speaking to People on Thursday, Steinem said,

I think it's harder on her than it is on me ... I can say whatever it is that I feel. But because of her art and because she is known for playing characters, by definition not herself – I think it's more difficult for an actor like Jennifer to be understood as a unique human being.

But that's not the first time Steinem gave insight into Aniston's experience. At February's Makers Conference, Aniston interviewed Steinem and they shared an exchange about the absurdity of the need for women in the public eye to procreate or marry in order to be deemed worthy. "What about George Clooney? Nobody brings that up, and he's much more ostentatiously unmarried with no kids — but in a fine way," Steinem said at the event. Preach, Ms. Steinem. Preach.

Now, look. No actress should need a famous feminist to defend her from the onslaught of sexist pressure, but unfortunately, that's not how reality works. The harsh lime light continues to shine on Aniston and if she's to have any person in her corner (you know, besides bloggers like myself) Steinem's the one.