Hurricane Hermine Is Heading To Florida

Hermine is picking up speed and power as it gets ready to make its way across the Gulf Coast, as it finally picked up enough strength to become a hurricane. The storm will be felt not only in the Southern states, but its effects will also make their way across the country's east coast on Thursday and through the weekend. But where will Hurricane Hermine hit?

The storm is moving from the Gulf Coast in the direction of the North East. On Thursday evening, the storm is expected to make landfall in parts of Florida, which would make it the first hurricane landfall in the Sunshine State in nearly 11 years. Hermine will have effects along southeastern states like Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and southern Virginia. As the storm heads further north over the weekend, rain and strong winds, as well as strong rip currents can be felt along the North Carolina coast and moving upward into Connecticut, Massachusetts, and coastal New Jersey, according to

CNN reported that the storm could lead to heavy flooding and storm surges in Florida and along the Gulf Coast with a projected 10 to 20 inches of rain. The National Hurricane Center has issued watches and warnings along the affected areas of the southeastern states and the Gulf Coast; these include a hurricane watch, hurricane warning, and a tropical storm watch and warning.

Earlier, Florida Gov. Rick Scott issued a state of emergency in Florida as the state prepared for Hermine, which is also referred to as Tropical Depression Nine. Scott said: "We also learned that the National Hurricane Center expects Tropical Depression Nine to become a Tropical Storm sometime today. It is crucial that every Floridian has a plan in place to ensure their families, homes and businesses are fully prepared."

The Weather Channel has issued a hurricane warning in Tallahassee and Apalachicola and the surrounding areas, as well as a hurricane watch in the coastal regions that are just east and west of there. For the most part, however, the Weather Channel notes that most of the issued alerts in Georgia, Florida, and the remaining states moving north are for a tropical storm warning and tropical storm watch. If you're living in any of the affected areas, be sure to keep an eye out for any hurricane or storm watches and warnings and make sure you are prepared.