Stop Hating on Calvin Harris' New Song "Summer": He's a Good Singer! — LISTEN

When Calvin Harris first exposed his vocals in his hit song, "Feel So Close," everyone was like “Wait, he can sing?” Harris, who is known to most for his work as a DJ (and for dating the beautimous Rita Ora), debuted his pipes two years ago. His song was on radio stations everywhere, was featured in movies and commercials, and racked up over 94 million hits on YouTube. His song was wildly popular, even to those who aren’t big on the electronic dance music scene, and yet the musician never followed up with other songs featuring his own voice. Now, years later, he has Calvin Harris finally released audio for his new song "Summer" where we can hear his voice once again.

Even though the song was published on YouTube Friday, the praise and worship that Harris typically receives isn’t all there. Although the video views are rising, currently coming in at almost 84,000, some of those who have listened to the song are revealing mixed reviews despite all of the artists’ former success the last time he actually sang something.

Not many fans have necessarily complained about his raspy but oh-so-sexy-panty-dropping vocals, but some appear to disapprove of the overall beat and repetitive feel to the song. Others even mentioned how the song sounded similar to his song "Under Control" with Alesso and featuring Hurts.

Those more knowledgeable in EDM probably know best, but after listening to the song, I have to admit that it’s still pretty freakin' catchy and I can guarantee it’ll probably take off with fans anyway. Just take the advice of these YouTube users, sit down and enjoy the damn music.

We know that when you’re at Coachella this year, listening to Harris’ set, you’re going to be hyped up just like everyone else anyway. Plus, with more support for his song, it’s less likely that his vocals will go back into hiding. Boring songs or not, I could listen to that voice all day every day.

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