ABH's Fall Mini Gloss Set Is Super Affordable

Let the fall makeup launched begin! Kicking off a new season with brand new shades, Anastasia Beverly Hills' Fall Lip Gloss Set is available now. Think six never before seen colors all in one adorable package. How much is the fall ABH lip set, you ask? Well, it's a whole lot affordable than you might think.

Normally when new shades pop up from a makeup company, you get to pick your favorites and buy them separately. Well, not this time. ABH has six brand new fall lip gloss shades out, but the only way to get them is to buy the bundle. Thankfully, that doesn't mean spending a whole lot of money. For $28, you'll get six mini tubes of lip shine. Think of it as a little sampler of glosses, so you can find your favorites.

When you break it down, the price turns out to be about $4.60 per lip shade. Considering that their full size lip glosses are $16 each, that's a pretty great price. Plus you'll get to try them out in mini size before you invest in a full-sized tube. The only downside is that there's no official word on when the normal sized lip products will come out yet. You can't go wrong with any of these colors, but having them all is a total bonus.

Mini Lip Gloss Set Fall, $28,

According to the site, the lip glosses are all non-drying and smell like vanilla. The shades from left to right are Raisin, Berry, Amber, Rum, Carla, and Maple.

This isn't the first time that ABH has put out a mini set like this. The company did the same thing before they launched their shades last season as well. The summer set is still available in the online shop, so I'm willing to bet that this one will stick around as well.

Mini Lip Gloss Set Fall, $28,

This set is definitely worth the money. There's no telling how fast these will sell out, so I'd head over there soon to grab one.

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