Jimmy Kimmel Tricks SXSW Music Fans Into Professing Love for Fake Bands — VIDEO

Once again Jimmy Kimmel proves that SXSW festival attendees with lie, cheat, and steal (okay, maybe just lie) to seem in-the-know about the trendiest bands. In this edition of Lie Witness News, Jimmy Kimmel sends a reporter to the hipster-heavy Austin, Texas festival to scope out what some fans think of the SXSW bands. You know, ones that don't exist.

SXSW is a music and culture festival that hosts nearly 2,000 bands, so it makes sense for even the most hardcore indie music fans who attend the festival to not know a few of the more obscure names. What doesn't make sense is the way that so-called music enthusiasts will blatantly lie about being fans of music that they have never heard of. Of course, some SXSW attendees do so better than others. We know that all of these bands are fake, but listening to some of these people talk about them, you might question it.

When asked about band "Neil Patrick Harassment"'s chances of "breaking out into the main stream," one fan said with near sincerity:

Oh yeah, they have a pretty good sound. So I like their music a lot, it's pretty entertaining. They're right on point with [fictional band "What the F Bruce Jenner?"], they've got a lot of working up to do. They have a great following, so I think that they could make it up to that point.

Frankly, I'd believe her and maybe try to download a few tracks from NPH with that rave review. Or how about this girl, talking about new album by DJ Heavy Flow, "The Toxic Shock Experience?"

I've only heard a couple of songs, but already people are like, YouTube this, YouTube that. So I'm like, yeah, let's do it.

When it comes to Tanya and The Heartaches, here's what one SXSW fan said about them:

I've heard a lot of men talk about them, and they said their not usually fans of female groups, but they really made a statement... I'd really like to see them live.

Hey, we're all about fictional feminist bands, too!

Look, we get it — it's awkward to be put on the spot when you're interviewed at a venue like SXSW. Of course, maybe the best response these people could have given would be to say that they hadn't heard of any of these bands — but that they're super excited about real-life SXSW bands like Turkey Kiss, Hold the Chickpeas, The Clementine Experience, and Kim Your Sister Is Going To Jail. You know, bands you're really excited about.

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