Superfruit Covers Entire Beyonce Album in Just 5 Minutes & It's ***Flawless — VIDEO

We all know that it is pretty much impossible to compete with the likes of Beyonce aka Queen Bey, aka Sasha Fierce aka ruler of the earth (unofficially), but duo Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying of Superfruit and Pentatonix rose to the occasion. Covering songs from the singer’s most recent album, the pair managed to bring quality vocals to XO, Drunk In Love and Partition with all the sass of the diva we love. So yes, now you can listen to Beyonce's whole album in 5 minutes.

As always, Grassi wowed with his ability to hit those high notes while Hoying generally just amazed me as usual, especially with his on-point pronunciation of the word “surfboard,” as Beyonce sings it, always seeming to say “surfbort.” The lively facial expressions and intense finger snapping just added to the video, because if you’re going to cover Beyonce, then you might as well work it. Let’s also not ignore the fact that both men are wearing black shirts with the words “surfboard” and “no angel” written across them in pink lettering. Where can I order one?

Grassi and Hoying not only came back with another video of pure perfection, but their intense passion for singing is evident. We’re talking about a hair raising performance that makes you wish your mom had let you take those singing lessons when you were 12 years old (ahem) and a short blooper at the end, displaying their adorable friendship. Encore!