'Captain America 3' & 'Batman Vs. Superman' Will Face Down In Box Office on Same Weekend

Are you ready for a good old fashioned box office competition? Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out in just a few short weeks, but the real action's already brewing for 2016 — because Captain America 3 's been announced for the same opening weekend as the much-discussed Man Of Steel sequel being referred to as Batman Vs. Superman.

So which weekend should you mark on your calendar? That'd be May 6, 2016 (which just happens to be my birthday, as if the world's saying "Hey, you want a quarter-life crisis? HAVE SOME SUPERHERO MOVIES to really drive that Peter Pan syndrome home.")

Warner Bros. announced the release date for Batman Vs. Superman a while ago, when it was announced that the initial date was being pushed back. That Marvel saw the intensely good buzz circulating for Winter Soldier and decided this was time for some real gauntlet throwing to their superhero competition is, well, extremely entertaining and also pretty exciting, if only for what it might teach us about the modern franchise environment and how studios operate things like marketing and in-film quality under that kind of pressure.

My predictions are already formed in one area, though: Marvel's gonna kick DC's ass.

Image: Marvel