Oxford English Dictionary Inducts 900 New Words, Including "Bestie," "DIYer," and "Wackadoo"

900 new words were added to the Oxford English Dictionary this week. The dictionary adds words four times a year, and the March 13 batch is full of doozies. 900 seems a bit excessive though, right? Maybe not. As Time magazine mentions, we need to keep in mind that 900 is a typical number of additions because the dictionary covers all topics, including scientific terms and recently distinct species, such as the scimitar-horned oryx. A moment of silence for the horny orys.

Despite the more academic additions, there are plenty of crowd-pleasers, like "bestie," "chugging," "shvitz," and "wackadoo," that have been added to the extensive compilation. But the true gems added to the OED are the words "cunted," "cunting," "cuntish," and "cunty," all of which are adjectives and are categorized as "coarse slang" by the dictionary. There's a mouthful for you. Who knew "cunt" could take so many forms?

Some of my other personal favorites include "bookwoman," "Coney dog," "crap shoot," and "scissor-kick." As you could imagine, the complete list contains a hefty amount of new words to brighten your vocabulary and boost your Scrabble skills. In the mean time, rest easy and know that "exfoliator" is now a word.