New ‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Photos Show Everyone On Planes, But What Does It Mean?!

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Mad Men is returning soon! On April 13 we will finally get new episodes that will be simultaneously entertaining and stressful with a dash of "Oh no! Why must it end?!" (Okay, maybe more than a dash.) But for now, our pain can only be eased with Mad Men's newly released photos.

Last season ended with Don Draper revealing the truth of his childhood to his children, co-workers, and a stunned group of Hersey's execs. Also, Sterling, Cooper & Partners (I miss Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price, personally) decides to expand to the west coast. This last tidbit of information is particularly important when seeing the new photos because EVERYONE IS ON AIRPLANES. Did everyone decide to go to the West Coast? The California episodes always make me want to hop on a flight, so maybe everyone was like "New York is over" we wanna go be, or hang out with, hot hippie babes.

Click through for photos that will make you wish the show would hurry up and start.

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