Rachel Bloom's 'Saturday Night Live' Audition Tape Is More Proof Of Her Brilliance — VIDEO

If you haven't seen The CW's brilliant musical series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend yet, you should clear some space in your schedule immediately and start marathoning it. Not only is the show hilarious, witty, and totally feminist, but its star, Rachel Bloom, is also a comedic genius who manages to remain relatable despite the fact that she's quickly becoming A Big Deal star in Hollywood. Even if you're not a fan of musicals, trust me: Though it does straddle the line of campy musical comedy and drama, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is on another level — and it's mostly thanks to Bloom. So, as a fan of the 29 year old since Crazy Ex-Girlfriend premiered in Oct. 2015, it's actually a little sad to find out that we all could have discovered Bloom's innate talent for comedy much earlier than we did: According to a tweet the comedian herself posted on Thursday, Bloom auditioned for Saturday Night Live back in 2012. And, even better, Bloom actually shared a video of the audition on Thursday, responding to Saturday Night Live 's call for Season 42 host suggestions.

Bloom originally just tweeted her excitement about the possibility of appearing on Saturday Night Live on Thursday, saying: "I could finally do the impression of Kate Hepburn auditioning for "Space Jam" that was on my SNL audition tape!" It was only after Entertainment Weekly noted Bloom hadn't actually posted the video of her audition that the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star shared it on her Twitter. And, well... it's very special. As special as an impression of Katharine Hepburn auditioning for the role of Bugs Bunny in the 1996 animated film Space Jam could be, anyway (which is to say it's extremely out-of-this-world special).

I am a huge Hepburn fan (though really, who isn't?) and a huge Space Jam fan (again: really, who isn't?), so for me, this video combines my two biggest interests into one fun, peppy package. I truly believe Bloom's concocted the skit that the world has been waiting for: funny, and totally unhinged. I mean, that famously picky screen queen Hepburn would audition to play an animated rabbit seems so unlikely, it's just brilliant. To find out that Bloom auditioned with this tape and didn't get a spot on the series is shocking — like, more or less on a par with hearing that Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone was rejected by 12 different publishers before it finally received publication.

Come on, guys. Let's do our bit to recognize this genius, puh-lease.

So yes, it was no secret that Bloom was amazing, funny, and smart. But this? This is the crowning cherry on the top of the Rachel Bloom cake. So... when's she going to host Saturday Night Live?