Celebrate Pi Day With These 5 Classic Pie Scenes in Film

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Happy Pi Day, one and all! March 14 is a special time each year, as teachers, math nerds and pie lovers across the country celebrate the day of Albert Einstein's birth. The date is doubly special to mathematicians because it spells out the first three digits of pi, otherwise known as 3.1415926535897932 and so on and so forth. Next year will be overwhelmingly exciting for some of Pi Days biggest fans, because the year, 2015, will also align with the day and month to spell out pi.

So, how can we celebrate this holiday? Obviously, there's pie. Pie with pi in it is always encouraged. And for lovers of entertainment and flaky pastries alike, there is a special perk to pie day: you can sit back, eat pie, and watch movies that include memorable pie scenes. From American Pie to Life of Pi to The Help, here are some moments when pie stole the show.

Image: Flickr/mrwynd

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