These 12 Vintage Urban Decay Shadows Are Back

There's no worse moment for a makeup lover than when companies discontinue shades. Normally, when they're gone it's for good, but not this time. Urban Decay brought back vintage eyeshadows to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Luckily for us nostalgics, there are 12 extremely popular '90s shades available to shop right this moment.

Urban Decay has officially been around for 20 years. Just let that sink in for a moment. Thankfully, in addition to feeling super old, you can also get some of their discontinued eyeshadows. The company has had some standout products over the past two decades, and they chose some of the best to bring back for a limited time. Let's just say that you'll want every single shade in the UD XX Vintage collection.

If you're as excited as I am, you'll be happy to know that they're all available online right now. They're for sale exclusively on the Urban Decay website only, so this is your only option to stock up on the throwbacks. Of the 12 shades, they brought back some real winners. I'm talking their fan-favorites like Rust, Gash, and Plague. They won't be around forever though, so you'll want to stock up while you still can.

Get those wallets ready, people! These shades are just as great as you remember them. At $19 each, the entire collection can get a little pricey. Here are all the throwback shades, so you can plan your shopping accordingly.

1. Vapor

UD XX Vintage Eyeshadow in Vapor, $19,

Because everyone needs a great white blending shade going into fall.

2. Spare Change

UD XX Vintage Eyeshadow in Spare Change, $19,

The smoky eye hasn't been this great since the '90s.

3. Plague

UD XX Vintage Eyeshadow in Plague, $19,

Have you ever seen anything more gorgeous? Not since this baby was first released.

4. Roadstripe

UD XX Vintage Eyeshadow in Roadstripe, $19,

I love that they brought back some classic neutrals as well.

5. Pallor

UD XX Vintage Eyeshadow in Pallor, $19,

This shade can easily work in any season.

6. Frostbite

UD XX Vintage Eyeshadow in Frostbite, $19,

Just look at that shine!

7. Snow

UD XX Vintage Eyeshadow in Snow, $19,

Another white to round out the neutrals.

8. Rust

UD XX Vintage Eyeshadow in Rust, $19,

There's something for warm-toned lovers too.

9. Gash

UD XX Vintage Eyeshadow in Gash, $19,

In my opinion, this is one of the best reds out there, so I'm super glad that it's back.

10. Chains

UD XX Vintage Eyeshadow in Chains, $19,

This is the perfect shade to add to your fall makeup collection.

11. Acid Rain

UD XX Vintage Eyeshadow in Acid Rain, $19,

People were instantly obsessed with this shade when it first came out. I'm willing to bet it will sell out fast.

12. UB-V

UD XX Vintage Eyeshadow in UB-V, $19,

This was another one that fans are excited to see back in stock.

What are you waiting for? Go shop them before they're gone again!

Images: urbandecay/Instagram (1), (12)