Victoria's Super Sweet Note About Meeting David

Is there any couple quite as stunning as the Beckhams? The couple is famous for their chic lifestyle, gorgeous fashion campaigns, and beautiful family. That's what you get when you cross David Beckham, a soccer superstar, with Victoria Beckham, pop royalty. A scientist couldn't have created a more perfect power couple in a lab, but that doesn't mean that their relationship is merely for the cameras. Though Victoria may be fashionably stoic on the red carpet, she still melts when she talks about meeting her hubby, David, for the first time. In an open letter written for her cover story in Vogue UK, Victoria spills how she and David first met, and it will make you believe in true love.

Personally, I can't even remember a time when David and Victoria Beckham weren't celebrity royalty, but apparently, that time was before November 1996. That's when the pair first met at a charity football game, and as far as Victoria was concerned, it was love at first sight. In a letter to her younger self, Beckham writes about the very special encounter:

[Y]es, love at first sight does exist. It will happen to you in the Manchester United players’ lounge — although you will get a little drunk, so exact details are hazy. ... While the other football players stand at the bar drinking with their mates, you will see David standing aside with his family. (He’s not even in the first team at this stage — you are the famous one.) And he has such a cute smile. You, too, are close to your family, and you will think how similar he feels to you. He’s going to ask for your number. (He still has the London-to-Manchester plane ticket on which you wrote it.)

There is already so much to squeal over in this letter, but let's start with the adorable fact that Victoria knows love at first sight happens because she

experienced it. Yep, she and her husband have been in love since 1996, which means 20 years of the Beckhams not only being the most enviable power couple in terms of fashion, but the most enviable in terms of true love, as well. The fact that David still keeps a souvenir from the night his life changed forever is too cute.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The thing I'm most into here, however, is the reason that Victoria decided to approach David in the first place. She didn't approach her now-husband because he was a soccer — er, "football" — player or because he was pushed upon her by her management team. Instead, the designer struck up a conversation with the athlete because he spent the night picking his family over his soccer mates, just like Victoria admits she herself might do. Though the Beckhams may be a celebrity duo, it's clear their connection stemmed from a very real, very normal place — and that might be the most powerful thing about this power couple.

The Beckhams do more than just look great together — they also embody true love. Everyone, keep your eyes open for Mr. or Mrs. Right — they may be at a game right beside you some day.