Here's The Deal On Sephora's Labor Day Sale

Labor Day weekend is here, which means lots of relaxing and a little bit of shopping too. In my opinion, there's no better way to spend your weekend than saving some serious cash on great items. While news of more sales keep on coming, some people are wondering if Sephora will have a Labor Day Weekend Sale. Unfortunately, the company might not be in on the long-weekend of beauty fun.

There's tons of different makeup brands have already rolled out their Labor Day beauty sales. While some of giving away bonus products and others are creating money-saving promo codes, Sephora is staying quiet on social media. The one stop beauty shop isn't offering any amazing sale that they you need to shop this weekend, but that doesn't mean you should lose hope.

Although the store skipped out on Memorial Day sales in the past, nothing is absolutely sure. Sephora loves to announce sales through their app the day of, so it's possible that they could roll out something special on Sept. 5. To be safe, I would download the app and set your push notifications to on. There's a possibility that there could be some surprises as the holiday gets closer.

Just because there's not an official sale doesn't mean that you can't still save some money. Just the sale section alone has tons of great deals. Not to mention the online coupon codes they offer in the Mobile Rewards section on their app. Basically, there are still tons of different options that will save you some major cash.

On top of all that, Sephora also has free shipping on all orders $50. They also give three free samples with every purchase. Bottom line: it's a holiday all year around with the company, so them skipping out on the weekend of sales isn't really that big of a deal.

Sephora isn't the only shop not up for Labor Day sales. Ulta will also be opting out of an major sales and focussing on their upcoming 21 Days of Beauty Sale instead. It looks like your best bet is to go individual online beauty sites to see if your favorites have any great deals.