Kristen Bell Wants In On 'Frozen' Broadway Musical, So Somebody Please Make That Happen

Disney is bringing their hit animated movie Frozen to Broadway and hey, that makes a lot of sense. But will the the original cast of the movie also star in the musical production? Well, Kristen Bell might star in the Frozen Broadway show, so there's hope yet.

When EW Radio asked the Frozen and Veronica Mars actress whether or not she thought Disney would ask her to reprise her role as Princess Anna for the Broadway version of the story, she said, “I certainly hope that they try. Everybody in Frozen is a Broadway veteran so I certainly hope they try and wrangle us.”

And it's true: Idina Menzel (Elsa) is a living Broadway legend thanks to her roles in Rent and Wicked; Jonathan Groff (Kristoff) was a Broadway heartthrob long before his roles in Glee or Looking thanks to productions like Spring Awakening and Hair; Josh Gad originated the role of Elder Arnold Cunningham in mega-hit The Book Of Mormon; and Bell herself left NYU her senior year to take a role in The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer.

Whether all or any of these actors would actually want to saddle themselves with a full Broadway production of Frozen — the long hours, eight shows a week, the same characters — when they could be using the momentum from the film to be landing other roles or upping the ratings game for their TV shows, is yet to be seen. But it'd be pretty silly of Disney not to at least ask.

And hey, K Bell sounds interested.