14 National Cheeseburger Day Memes

When you're absolutely starving, is there anything that hits the spot better than a big, juicy burger? These 14 National Cheeseburger Day memes think not. There is just something about ground beef and a slab of cheese that cannot be beat. You don't even need the condiments (though I'm never against some freshly sliced tomato and crunchy iceberg lettuce). It's that's good.

If you have ever needed an excuse to eat a cheeseburger, Sept. 18 has you covered, serving as the official National Cheeseburger Day in America. (What a great country we live in, right!?). Unfortunately, the 18th isn't a day for vegetarians, and though I've had a few mouth-wateringly delicious veggie burgers in my day, nothing ever quite compares with 100 percent angus beef. (It's cool though, vegetarians, you'll have your day in the spotlight come Oct. 1, which is World Vegetarian Day).

Meat-eaters, today is our day, so let's celebrate it like we ought to: with hilariously true cheeseburger memes, and of course, by firing up the grill and flipping some ground beef until it's cooked to perfection. Every day is a perfect day for a burger, but today especially calls for one (or two... or three). Grab your fellow carnivores and make the most it!

Smart turtle.

Preach it, Obama. Preach it.

Someone get this cat a cheezburger. Stat.

Vegetarians when they have their first burger...

Don't be so grumpy, Grumpy Cat.

Told ya.

Yeah I did, bro. That's just the wrapper.

Only because you're so freaking adorable.

But who ever orders a hamburger?


Stop. I can't handle this. But I can.

What a joke.

I know the feeling, Snowball.

Good question, dude.

Images: MemeCenter