Huda Kattan Creates Makeup With School Supplies

When it came to back-to school-supplies, chances were you weren't excited to break out the colored pencils and markers in order to use them as makeup bag substitutes. But beauty vlogger Huda Kattan's new makeup tutorial does just that — she creates a full face of makeup with school supplies. While that might sound like it could make for some pretty Kindergarten-level like results, the outcome is surprisingly amazing.

The idea originally came to Kattan as she waved her daughter off for her first day of school. "So after dropping my daughter Nour off at school for orientation, I was inspired to try a fun makeup challenge where I do my makeup using ONLY school supplies (yes, even for my foundation!)," Kattan shared on her blog, Huda Beauty. Sounds ambitious, but she totally pulled it off.

PopSugar reported, "Using a clever hack of fellow vlogger Natalies Outlet's, she transformed a common colored pencil into a remarkably pigmented eyeliner. She also whipped up bespoke foundation, blush, contouring, and highlighter shades using a watercolor paint palette." Talk about impressive. While you might have painted in your fingernails with markers as a kid, this is a whole other level of arts-and-crafts beauty. But Kattan doesn't stop there — she remarkably also uses supplies like rulers, tape, and glue.

For example, to start off the beauty routine Kattan sticks on post-it notes to the corners of her eyes, creating a straight-line template for the perfect cat eye eyeliner with her moistened colored pencils. Another ingenious hack she discovered was to use a ruler while filling in her eyebrows in order to ensure they were perfectly symmetrical. While not everyone might obsess over having their brows look like mirror reflections, it's cool to know that a ruler can help you even things out if you're having a tough time coloring them in that day.

Other innovative ideas Kattan thought of was using a swipe of glue on a mascara wand to brush her eyebrows into place, as well as using clear tape in order to create the perfect contoured cheeks. While she does end up using watercolor paints as her contouring and blush tools, a viewer has to admit a lot of her ideas would act as amazing emergency kit fixes. While maybe using grade school paint kits on your face everyday wouldn't be the best idea for your skin, creating a smokey black eyeliner out of a colored pencil is pretty brilliant.

Watch the tutorial to pick up a couple of hacks — who knows what kind of makeup emergency that knowledge can fix!

Images: HudaBeauty/ YouTube