Drake & Tyra Banks Go Way Back

Your favorite line from Drake's Views —"why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake?"—now has its own video. In the new "Childs Play" music video, released on Saturday night, Drake is seen fighting with a woman at a Cheesecake Factory — and the woman is revealed to be none other than Tyra Banks. But are Drake and Tyra Banks friends in real life? In the video, they don't exactly have chemistry, but that's the whole point. In the vid, Drake comes back from the bathroom, and Banks treats him icily. Eventually, she reveals that she found out that he was texting another girl when he was supposed to be in the studio, and they get into a fight that culminates with Banks throwing cheesecake in his face.

In case you forgot, the rapper and the supermodel did go on a date a few years ago. On the The Ellen DeGeneres show in 2013, Drake revealed that the two once went out to Disneyland together. "I went on a date with her one time, yeah. We went to Disneyland in disguise actually, which was fun," he told DeGeneres. "I don't know if it was a date. It was a get together. We're close as well." Banks did not seem thrilled about Drake's reveal, since it led to media speculation that the two were dating. She went on Steve Harvey to clarify the date and their relationship... in rap form.

"You're not my man...right now," she rapped in the video, enigmatically. She didn't actually seem mad, more playful and teasing, so it makes sense that she and Drake would be on good terms enough to film "Childs Play" together. And while the two haven't had much to do with each other, at least publicly, since that moment, Drake admitted earlier this year to having a crush on Banks. Their new video, meanwhile, appears to reference Banks' Steve Harvey interview, in which she called Drake by his first name, Aubrey; in "Childs Play," Banks uses the fact that the girl Drake is texting calls him "Aubrey" as further evidence that he's close with other women, not just her.

I imagine Drake wouldn't pick someone to do this kind of emotionally intimate scene with him if they weren't already close. Banks, who is over 10 years Drake's senior, does a good job complicating the sexist caricature of scorned lover that this concept could have become. She ends up looking justified — he cancelled their plans to be with another woman — and even brings up the unfair way that women are described as crazy by men who wronged them. There's definitely room to critique the gender dynamics in the song's lyrics and video, but Drake probably knows that you can't put Banks in your video and expect her not to come out on top.

Image: Drake/Apple Music