Khloe's Birthday This Year Was Her Best Yet

I always want to be a Kardashian family, but that feeling gets even stronger when one of them celebrates a birthday. Whether they throw a party at home or sponsor a huge bash in Vegas, nobody knows how to mark another year of life like my favorite famous family. And on Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it's Khloe's turn, and her sisters are way more into it than she is. But in the end, Khloe's birthday party is completely amazing, even if she didn't think it would be.

But for the record, if she had wanted to let her family plan it, they would have killed it. Scott's suggestion for a jello wrestling pool? I'm sorry, but that sounds like so much fun.

Anyway, in the end, Kris left it up to Khloe by asking her what her dream birthday would look like. At first, she really just wanted to have everyone she loves call her and tell her birthday and let her be it, because for her, that day is usually a letdown — something I definitely get. Who doesn't build up an exciting day in their heads only to have it not live up to impossibly high expectations? But Kris obviously wouldn't let that happen, and instead, Khloe had the best birthday ever.

Why? Because the party was at Dave and Buster's, that's why. All her friends and family — including Chrissy Teigen, guys. Chrissy Teigen! — showing up to drink and play arcade games and celebrate another year of Khloe? How can you top that? Answer: You can't, and now no birthday party will ever be as cool as this one.

Best of all, Rob even showed up, and with Chyna in tow, even though Khloe was really worried they weren't going to come. But everyone pulled through for her, and even though they didn't have a jello pool for wrestling, it still looked like a pretty good time.

BRB, planning all my future birthday parties for Dave and Buster. Khloe's totally right: What's better than alcohol and games under the same roof?