Where To Buy Those EarPods

Wednesday saw the long-awaited annual Apple Event that introduces the new iPhone to the world. If you're asking yourself "Where can I buy the new Apple EarPods?" you're in luck. Apple acquired the Beats brand in 2014 — the same year that it started giving third-party manufacturers permission to use their Lightning Port design to create new headphones. So, where will the new Apple headphones be sold? They will be available for purchase at Apple's physical retail locations, and will also be sold online at the online Apple Store, in the event that you'd rather not have to leave the house to upgrade your audio gear.

Thanks to Apple's collaboration with Beats, you will also be able to buy EarPod-esque headphones directly from Beats, or at any manufacturer that sells Beats headphones. In that vein, it is also likely that third-party retailers that will be stocking the new Apple iPhone 7 will also have the new Apple headphones in stock for the general launch as well.

The iPhone 7 will come with a wireless EarPod option right away — but even before the announcement, social media users were already anticipating the struggle of keeping track of two pods without the benefit of a cord to connect them.

With a September release, Apple is courting back-to-school shoppers, as well as starting to stoke up excitement for the holiday shopping season. For early adopters of the iPhone 7, it seems like it's also kind of a necessity to have a whole new set of headphones now anyways.