The Run Down On Sephora's Student Discount Policy

When you are a co-ed with limited disposable income and part-time work avails, you are usually left working within the parameters of a super tight budget. Therefore, student discounts are often useful. It's nice to save a few bucks on a movie or at a restaurant. But what about makeup mecca Sephora? Does Sephora offer a discount to student shoppers?

The retailer's shelves are home to some of the most beloved prestige brands in the beauty world and the company often has Sephora-exclusive products, not to mention the in-house Sephora line, which includes everything from makeup to brushes to skincare. I called my local Sephora at the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, N.J. to inquire about a student discount and to get an answer from a live Beauty Consultant. The Sephora associate who answered the phone informed me that Sephora does not offer a student discount. Bustle has also reached out to Sephora for clarification on the policy.

It's also worth noting that Sephora does not currently have any info about a student discount listed on the Beauty Deals section of its website, which could indicate that they don't have one, or that different stores have varying policies.

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Either way, if you are on a tight student budget, the store does carry so many different brands at tons of price points, so there are plenty of options. You can also take advantage of Sephora's Beauty Insider program, which has three tiers. The official description is this: "Beauty Insider is your fast track to a never-ending supply of beauty rewards. It's free to join, and every dollar spent earns a point that gets you closer to your next beauty fix." It's an awesome program, with rewards and incentives that are spendings-based. This means more you spend, the better your perks and status.

The free stuff is often samples of prestige products or Sephora exclusives. You can save up your points and use them for really cool freebies that are only available at certain point levels.

Like this!

The VIB and VIB Rouge programs are killer, as well. You can be bumped to these statuses based on how much you spend. Buy more makeup, get more points and perks. Sephora does also offer cash back and special promotions for people who shop through the website Ebates, so there's another money-saving option for you.

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Or you can ask all your family and friends to get you Sephora Gift Cards this holiday season!

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