20 Creative Pun Halloween Costumes

by Alexandra Antonopoulos

Are you always at the ready with an eye-rollingly perfect play on words? Then you are probably just the person to pull off one of these silly and sarcastic creative pun Halloween costume ideas perfect for the 2016 season. The best approach to any pun costume is going literal. It is a simple tactic, and the possibilities are pretty much endless, so get started on your costume right now.

Even if literary references or witty wordplay aren't really your thing, these costumes can be slapped together at the last minute, and many of them can be put together with things you might already have in the house. The costumes in this roundup run the referential gamut from pop cultural and psychological, to cheesy and super DIY. There is something for everybody, and depending on your mood, you can make them as girly, dressy, or relaxed as you like. That is the beauty of puns — they are always open for interpretation.

From comical cereal killers to Freudian slips, sexy dust bunnies to literal sugar mamas, check out these 20 creative pun Halloween costumes, and enjoy the only day of the year you will get to carry a (fake) hatchet in public, without feeling the need to explain yourself.

1. Your Favorite Spice Girl

Black Super Rip Mom Jeans, $40, Top Shop; McCormick Ground Cinnamon, $2, Target

A costume based on any of the Spice Girls has the potential to be perfectly punny, but to achieve "peak pun," it's best to go completely literal. All you need is a plain white tee shirt, simple black bottoms, and a printed label of your favorite spice. Just tack the label to your top, and the work is done. Assembling the costume is the easy part though; it's up to you whether you want to find lovers or friends once you put it on.

2. Freudian Slip

Rosette Full Lace Slip, $18, Amazon; Thick Sharpie Markers, $6, Amazon

A sexy, comfy slip is easy to come by, and the rest is all in the phrases you choose to attach to it. Mark up your nightie in thick Sharpie with words like "oral fixation," "Oedipal complex," "id," "ego," and your favorite phase of Freudian development. (Don't hold back; if you're choosing this costume, you probably have one.)

3. Holy Guacamole

Feather Halo Headband, $6, Amazon; Adult Angel Wings, $25, Amazon; Layered Tulle Tutu Skirt, $13, Amazon; Washable Marker Set, $10, Amazon; 3 Pack of Wholly Guacamole, $55, Amazon

Has guac ever had a bigger moment in pop cultural history? I think not. Grab a halo, angel wings, and perhaps your favorite tutu, as the framework of this costume. Use a few colored markers to create a "guacamole" badge for yourself, and remember to label it according to the level of spice you'll be bringing that evening: mild, medium, or hot. Don't forget the goods, though — turning up to the party without this beloved avocado dip would be a major bummer for the rest of us.

4. Dust Bunny

French Maid Costume, $26, Amazon; Feather Duster, $5, Amazon; Bunny Ears, $2, Amazon

Go full-on French maid with bunny ears, or keep it innocent as a bunny who can't abandon her feather duster. Either way, it plays. Snag an uncomplicated French maid getup, a feather duster, and a cute pair of bunny ears.

5. Sugar Mama

Maternity Dress, $25, Amazon; Baby Carrier, $36, Amazon; Sugar, $2, Target

Yes, there is a time to break out the mom jeans collecting dust in the recesses of your closet. Put on your most convincing maternity look, sling a baby carrier over the front of you, and invest in a bag of the sugar to play the role of your little one. A cute empire waist maxi dress will do the trick, plus a baby carrier, and a sack of Sugar.

6. Killer Bee

Bee Costume, $25, Amazon

Bee costume — check. Rubber knife or other similarly murderous prop. They may not ever figure out whether you're cute or dangerous, but you'll definitely bee the clever one in the room.

7. Party Animal

Champaign Flute Glass, $14, Amazon

The possibilities are only limited to which animal in the kingdom you've always thought yourself to be most like. (Being forced to answer off-the-wall interview questions comes in handy sometimes.) Stick to a simple outfit, but accessorize with a mask, or a touch of makeup, and a creature-appropriate tail, then glitz it up with party hats, champagne flutes, and lots of glitter. Make sure to keep those flutes filled, you know, for full effect.

8. Monkey Business

Leather Breifcase/Leather Bag, $33, Amazon

Animals for the win, huh? They're a cheap, fast, and recognizable option for almost any Halloween pun costume, and going as monkey business is no different. Employ a dressy button-down and your favorite pencil skirt, and add the most important monkey elements: Tail, ears, or, if it doesn't creep you out too much, a mask. Make sure to bring a briefcase full of bananas to complete the look.

9. Fantasy Football

A Cloak, $50, Amazon; Wand, $5, Amazon; Football Jersey, $38, Amazon

What do Lord of the Rings characters and Tom Brady have in common? They're both integral parts of your fantasy football pun costume. A cloak or other fantasy-inspired wardrobe item is the perfect beginning to this costume. Next, a wand, and a jersey from your favorite player to seal the deal.

10. Deviled Egg

Deviled Egg Costume, $34, Amazon; Artificical Fried Egg, $13, Amazon; Horns and Tail Set, $8, Amazon;

It's a new twist on an old classic. Feel free to make your egg as devilish as you want with a homemade costume, or keep it real chill with one of those ready-to-wear, fried-egg-and-pitchfork deals. For a more devilish egg, buy a fake fried egg and attach it to your devil-inspired look. Horns and a tail, plus a red ensemble will do the trick.

11. Spring Cleaning

Floral Dress, $21, Rose Gal; Rose Flower Crown, $10, Amazon; Lysol Wipes, $13, Amazon; Feather Duster, $10, Amazon

Pick up a floral dress and add a flower crown, because nothing says spring cleaning like blossoms. For props, go for Lysol wipes, and a feather duster if you don't mind lugging it around all night. Hey, commit to the bit, right?

12. Hawaiian Punch

Grass Skirt, $13, Amazon; Boxing Gloves, $28, Amazon

All you need for this pun costume is a grass skirt, coconut bra, and a decent pair of boxing gloves. Besides the fact that this costume is a relatively simple and clever play on words, it's a great head start if you've been contemplating hula lessons or one-on-one sessions at a local boxing gym.

13. French Kiss

Parisian Beret, $13, Amazon; Striped Mime Shirt, $13, Amazon

Black and white face paint, a Parisian beret, and a little Gene Simmons on in the background for inspiration are the building blocks of one really magnifique rock-n-roll reference. Absolutely necessary additions to these pieces are 1.) a baguette, 2.) a striped, street mime-inspired boatneck and 3.) a bottle of wine.

14. Chip on Your Shoulder

Wrap Crop Top, $11, Weekday; Black Skirt, $4, Nasty Dress; Plastic Chips, $35, eBay

This one is very simple but requires one specific prop. Dress in all black to emphasize the only prop you'll carry — a comfy blouse and cute skirt will do fine — and place a realistic, oversized, plastic chip on your shoulder. Last minute, cheap, easy, and oh-so-punny.

15. Dunkin' Donuts

Basketball Jersey, $30, Amazon; Basketball Shorts, $22, Amazon, Stretchy Cotton Headbands, $11, Amazon

All you need for this costume is a makeshift basketball uniform, and an inflatable pool toy. Pick up a basketball jersey, a pair of basketball shorts, and don't forget to accessorize with sweatbands. Finally, a doughnut-shaped pool floaty completes the look (and makes a great photo op for the entire night).

16. Ceiling Fan

Baseball Tee, $10, Amazon; Megaphone, $15, Amazon

Loyal 'til the end, you're the ceiling's biggest supporter. Raise the roof for this punny costume by adding some text to a baseball tee and bringing along a megaphone and a big #1 hand, for good measure. Scrawling "Go, ceiling, go!" on your tee will get the point across.

17. Pig in a Blanket

Pig Onesie, $20, Amazon; Fleece Blanket, $10, Amazon

Probably the most comfortable option for a cute pun costume, the pig in a blanket look requires everyone's favorite piece of snuggling attire, the onesie. A pig onesie and a soft throw blanket are all you need for this one. Actual pig-in-a-blanket party snacks are optional, but will definitely be appreciated.

18. Pot Head

Blue Headband, $7, Amazon; Flower Pot, $7, Amazon; Fake Flowers, $16, Amazon

This costume is all about the headpiece. You don't have to tell partygoers that you're 420 friendly to pull this one off, but it would be a lot cooler if you did . Use a sturdy headband and a lightweight flower pot for the headpiece, and add a synthetic flower for full effect.

19. Blue Ivy

Artifical Blue Ivy, $31,Terapeak; Blue Wig, $12, Amazon

In a nod to Queen B, go as some literal blue ivy and wait for people's reactions. It might take them a second, but this pun costume is timely, topical, and totally witty. Artificial blue ivy a pretty blue wig, and a blue dress are all you need to drive the pun home.

20. Cereal Killer

Realistic Hatchet, $7, Amazon; Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal, $3, Target; Black Dress, $36, Boohoo

A hatchet, a box of your favorite cereal, and a great dress are all you need to knock 'em dead with this pun costume. If you're feeling particularly morbid, fake blood might be a nice touch — just pray you don't get stopped by the cops on the way to the party.

Images: Alexandra Antonopoulos / Polyvore (20)