10 Natural Deodorants Without Aluminum & Really High Reviews, According To Amazon

If I could put it on my resume under the “outside interests” category, I would: I am strangely obsessed with the topic of natural deodorants. This most definitely includes great deodorants without aluminum, and it’s a subject that I have taken upon myself to share often and frequently. Frankly, I think that everyone should be stocking their medicine cabinets with natural aluminum-free deodorants, and here’s why.

Sweating is a totally natural function. It helps your body to detoxify, and while I’m all about smelling fresh and clean all the time, sometimes, we go a little overboard. Many antiperspirants use aluminum to physically block the sweat gland, which, yes, does keep you feeling dryer and smelling better — but it also seemingly has adverse health effects. Not only does it stop lymph from circulating, but it’s speculated to cause bone, kidney, and brain disorders.

That’s why this trend of amazing aluminum-free deodorants that work has been picking up momentum, and Amazon is one of the best places to look. While some natural deodorants have been known to leave stains, cause rashes, and quit working halfway through the day, there are a select few aluminum-free natural deodorants that have ridiculously high reviews, because they work just as well as the commercial brands to leave you smelling and feeling fresh all day without the nasty side effects.

1. More Than 800 Positive Reviews Back This One Up

Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant , $13, Amazon

With over 800 rave reviews, Bali Secrets natural deodorant is one of the more popular aluminum-free deodorants out there. It’s got a very short list of very great ingredients that help to naturally moisturize and reduce bacteria, and it holds up against everything — gym days, Texas weather, nervous sweating, you name it.

2. Essential Oils That Work Alongside Your Body

ORGANIC 101 Cedarwood Spice Deodorant, $15, Amazon

In addition to skipping the aluminum, Organic 101cedarwood spice deodorant is also USDA-certified organic. It’s made with essential oils to work alongside your body, counteracting smells, and keeping you feeling fresh. People especially love that it smells incredible and works really well, despite that it feels gentle on skin.

3. Effective Protection With An Amazing Texture

InstaNatural Natural Deodorant , $13, Amazon

Another great one with super high ratings, InstaNatural natural deodorant uses all-safe ingredients with powerful enzymes that neutralize underarm odors all day. It also won’t leave any residue, stickiness, or chalky feeling behind, because the oils absorb quickly into your skin.

4. Kill Odor-Causing Bacteria With Coconut Oil

Stank Stop Deodorant , $13, Amazon

This awesome Stank Stop deodorant utilizes naturally antibacterial coconut oil to neutralize odors under your arms. It’s also got really moisturizing ingredients that keep your underarms feeling smooth (if you shave your under-arms, some post-shave love, perhaps?), and a little goes a very long way to keep you smelling great.

5. Check Out This One For Ultra-Sensitive Skin

AC Nature All Natural Deodorant Stick , $15, Amazon

AC Nature's all-natural deodorant stick skips the aluminum, but also the parabens, chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and fillers, so it’s a really great option if you’ve got particularly sensitive skin. It won’t alter your body’s natural detox functions like other brands, but it will keep you smelling incredible without staining your clothes, which is admittedly a pretty big problem when it comes to natural deodorants.

6. Feel Fresh, No Matter How Hot It Is

Freedom Stick Deodorant , $19, Amazon

One reviewer (who said she's been using natural deodorants for 20 years) says that this was hands down the best she’s ever tried, as it lasts for days and works just as well as conventional brands. Freedom Stick isn't an antiperspirant either, so no need to worry about clogging up pores and inhibiting your body's natural detoxification process.

7. Allergies? Check Out This Reliable Deodorant


Vanicream Deodorant, $8, Amazon

If you have allergies, you already know that it doesn't take much for a deodorant to cause skin irritations and nasty reactions — and just because a product claims to be "natural" doesn't necessarily mean it works for allergies. You can feel safe using this aluminum-free deodorant by a trusted brand that has made a name for itself providing skincare products that are free of fragrances, gluten, parabens, dyes, formaldehyde, lanolin, and even sneaky masking fragrances. Using just five ingredients, this natural deodorant has won over reviewers, many of whom say this is the one product that keeps odor away and keeps their allergies at bay.

8. Stay Dry And Fresh With A Soothing Smell


Super Natural Goods Aluminum-Free Deodorant Stick, $16, Amazon

This awesome all-natural deodorant is handmade in Nashville, free of toxins, chemicals, and synthetic fragrances, and has a big cult following with more than 1,600 mostly amazing reviews. Its ingredients include organic raw honey and beeswax, it's completely clear and won't stain clothing, and the smell — a blend of lavender and eucalyptus — is super soothing. If the higher price tag has you hedging, consider that one reviewer said her stick lasted more than three months. A little bit really goes a long way.

9. Fight Bacteria With Colloidal Silver

Silver Shield Deodorant , $10, Amazon

Instead of aluminum and parabens, the Silver Shield deodorant utilizes colloidal silver, which is a natural antibacterial agent. It also comes in a non-aerosol spray bottle, which some people prefer to roll-ons, because it absorbs quickly into skin without causing residue or stains on your clothing. Best of all, underarm odor ceases to be an issue.

10. Get 48 Hours Of Protection

Nivea Fresh Pure Deodorant , $6, Amazon

This German deodorant called Nivea Fresh Pure Deodorant is made entirely without aluminum or aluminum salts. It offers up to 48 hours of protection without irritating even the most sensitive skin, and even works on that nervous anxiety-driven sweat that can be pretty tough to control. Reviewers are saying things like, “The last deodorant I’ll ever buy,” and “I never knew what I was missing out on."

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