8 Vintage Hair Tools You Should Still Be Using

I’m pretty thrilled about the vintage hair products that people are still using today because when I was a kid, I was perpetually playing with my mom’s retro hair tools. I specifically remember needing to get my mother’s teasing comb cut from my bangs on a cruise ship, because there was no way in hell we were getting it out otherwise. I also remember nearly burning my face off with her hot rollers. Yep. She couldn’t turn her back on me for a second.

Don’t get me wrong; sometimes the world is in desperate need of an upgrade. I'm really happy that I can hold my blow dryer in one hand rather than sit in front of a giant six-legged hair drying machine, like they did in the roaring '20s. That being said, while I’m all about new and innovative inventions when it comes to effective hair styling tools, occasionally a design just works, and in cases like these, simpler is just better. If you’re getting a little bit overwhelmed by the futuristic words on the side of your hot tools (what’s tourmaline ionic far infrared heat mean, anyway?), maybe it’s time to go back to these old-school beauty products that still work like a boss.

1. Go Retro With A Clipped Curling Iron

Elechomes Curling Iron, $23, Amazon

When I was growing up, my mom had a curling iron just like this one that she would use to get tight, bouncy curls. While the Elechomes curling iron still has the thin barrel and the clip to keep your strands in place, it’s also got a few necessary updates: a nano ceramic build helps to reduce frizz and damage, while the LED screen lets you set the temperature to whatever heat works best for your hair.

2. Heat Hair From The Inside-Out With Hot Rollers

Remington Studio Thermaluxe Ceramic Hair Rollers, $43, Amazon

Clipped hot rollers were a must-have for any woman in the era of big hair, especially if you weren’t willing to get a perm. These Remington Studio ceramic hair rollers heat up from the inside-out in just a matter of minutes, assuring that you get big, voluminous hair without much time or effort. The comfortable clips stop the rollers from slipping out, and the two different sizes stack vertically in their case to save you some serious counter space.

3. Give Your Ponytail A Little Extra Boost

Hinged Banana Clip, $4, Amazon

The hinged banana clip was another “radical” trend from the '80s. It allows you to clip your hair up easily and effortlessly into a ponytail-like style, but since the teeth are elongated vertically, it gives you the illusion of fuller and more voluminous hair. This one has a gorgeous rope design on the sides, and reviewers say it’s both durable and practical.

4. Salon-Set Your Style From The Comfort Of Your Home

Laila Ali Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer, $38, Amazon

Reminiscent of the salon dryers that were big in the '60s and '70s, this Laila Ali ionic soft bonnet dryer is a great way to set your curls or conditioning treatments — the only difference is that it’s way more comfortable and portable. It uses negative ions to lock in moisture for healthier, more manageable hair, and it heats up quickly to make sure that you’ve got a professional-looking style in no time.

5. Get Pin Curls Without Any Effort Or Heat

Spoolies Hair Curlers, $35, Amazon

My grandmother had hair spools like these Spoolies hair curlers, which she used to get tight and bouncy pincurls. Simply wrap your hair around the base and flip the rubbery part inside out to get tight, heat-free curls without any clips or pins. They’re also hypoallergenic and lightweight, so they’re easy to wear while you’re going about your other beauty business.

6. Detangle Your Hair Or Blow It Straight

Bella And Bear Paddle Brush, $15, Amazon

Paddle brushes are and have always been a seriously well-rounded styling tool for any type of hair. Not only does this Bella And Bear paddle brush have an adorable vintage design, but it detangles hair without any pulling or breakage, and it can be used alongside your blow dryer while straightening. It’s got such rave reviews because it’s sturdy, adorable, and glides effortlessly through hair.

7. Tease Your Roots With Sandalwood For Way More Volume

Breezelike No Static Green Sandalwood Comb, $12, Amazon

The ladies of the '80s were absolutely nowhere without their teasing combs. This Breezelike comb is made with natural sandalwood, which helps to reduce damage and static while you’re working on your volume. It’s really sturdy, but comfortable because of its rounded edges, and reviewers say that they get ten times the root lift without the abrasive plastic. They also love the fresh, natural smell that comes from the wood.

8. Wrap Your Hair In Soft Rollers For Curls While You Sleep

Conair Styling Essentials Pillow Soft Rollers, $20, Amazon

My grandma used to soak rags in beer, wrap them around my mom’s head, and make her wear them all weekend so she’d have tight curls for church on Sunday. These Conair 'Styling Essentials' rollers give you a similar effect, sans carbonated alcohol smell. They’re ridiculously soft and flexible, so you can easily sleep with them in, and they’re gentle and effective on both dry or wet hair. One reviewer even says point blank, “Throw out your curling iron!”

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