21 Amazing Videos Of Kanye West's Saint Pablo Tour

What is the next best thing to being at Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour? Watching videos of Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour. Yes, that's right. A secondhand experience is better than no experience at all. Put on your optimist hats, guys, because for us peasants not in attendance, these videos are an unprecedented inside glimpse into the concert. And I assure you, it almost makes the FOMO ache lessen. Almost.

The best thing about these videos is that regardless of them being recorded on an iPhone, or an android, or something other than a professional camera, the energy is still rife in these glimpses. The excitement of the audience coupled with that of the rapper's passion is something that can't be hindered, even through a phone or computer screen. And, let me tell you, these attendees are not exactly amateurs when it comes to the recording game. They’ve put out some awesome footage for us to watch, and honestly, we should be grateful for their videographer talents. So, thanks fellow Yeezus fans, us ticket-less peeps needed this.

Here are 21 videos from West's tour that will make you feel like you're there, in the, ahem, room where it happens.

1. "Blood On The Leaves"

Sang it, Yeezus.

2. "Blood On The Leaves" Part 2

Because fans can never get enough of this song.

3. "Heartless"

Hearing the crowd belt it loud and proud is pretty damn cool.

4. Ye Dancing His Little Heart Out

Get it.

5. The Crowd Following Suit

Perhaps the best part of the videos are how hyped the audience is.

6. "Famous"

Despite the controversy, the song seems to be quite well received here.

7. "Can't Tell Me Nothing"

Bless Twitter for expanding their video time limit.

8. "I Love Kanye"

Oh, Kanye.

9. Up Close And Personal View Of The Stage

And those lights!

10. Yeezus Getting Hit With A (Soft?) UFO

It's cool. I think it was just a shirt and he totally made it work.

11. "Good Life"

The clarity on this one is A+.

12. "Jesus Walks"

The moment we were all waiting for.

13. A... Kanye Inspired Mosh Pit

I'm sort of glad to have missed this. I've only had terrifying mosh pit experiences as a 5'4" person.

14. Correction, A Kanye Inspired Mosh Pit With Jonah Hill And Vic Mensa

*Eyes emoji*

15. The Concert From J.R. Smith's POV

Just... wow.

16. Putting Ye And The Stage In The Best Light

What a shot.

17. This...

*Fist pumps*

18. Kanye (Sorta, Kinda) Flying

No, this isn't cool at all... *Replays video for the 17th time*

19. "Facts"

Being a metaphorical fly on the wall is still pretty cool.

20. "Gold Digger"

However briefly.

21. "Stronger"


Secondhand ain't so bad after all, huh?