10 Best Storage Products For Small Bathrooms

Adult-level things that require the utmost of creativity: juggling a social life when Netflix is all you want to do after work, coming up with not-weather-related small talk at the holiday office party, and finding the best storage solutions for small bathrooms. The last one is arguably the hardest, because the more Netflix you watch, the more conversational topics you have for small talk, so that’s all taken care of. If you’ve got no counter space in your bathroom and a really small shower with no shelves, however, knocking down the walls and renovating isn’t always a viable option. That’s why you need to get really creative with your bathroom storage.

The good news, thankfully, is that no matter the layout or square footage you’re working with, every bathroom has at least a few options. You just need to really utilize certain areas to make up for the ones that you’re lacking in. If you’ve got no counter space, use the wall. If you’ve got no free walls, use the door, and if you don’t have a door, expertly organize your cabinets – also, work on that lack of privacy. Instead of getting all frustrated over the fact that your towels need to be shrink-wrapped and you store your blow dryer in the sink, check out these genius ways to organize a small bathroom.

1. When You’ve Got No Patience For Counter-Clutter

MyLifeUNIT Wall Mount Hair Dryer Organizer, $27, Amazon

This wall mount hair dryer organizer is a really good option for small counters with small drawers, as it lets you keep your brushes, blow dryer, and hot tools mounted on the wall and out of the way. It’s made with durable and lightweight aluminum, it installs easily with two screws, and the shiny finish is elegant and sleek-looking.

2. When You’ve Got A Really Small Shower Space

mDesign Free Standing Bathroom Storage Shelves, $25, Amazon

If you’re dealing with a small shower, constantly tripping over shampoo bottles isn’t making your life any easier. These free standing bathroom storage shelves take up minimal room, but they let you keep all your soaps, sponges, bottles, and brushes right where you need them in the corner of the shower. It’s made of steel with a polished chrome finish that holds up well to water and looks great longterm.

3. When You’ve Got No Linen Closet

DecoBros Wall Mount Towel Rack, $25, Amazon

If you’ve got nowhere to store your towels, this wall mount towel rack combines practicality with design. It mounts right on your wall hold and displays your towels simultaneously, turning them from a heap of fabric into a statement piece. It’s also really well made, and the espresso coloring helps bring a modern element to any bathroom.

4. When You Need To Optimize Your Cabinet Space

Spectrum Diversified Over-The-Cabinet Basket, $11, Amazon

If you’ve got a single cabinet under the sink and it’s already overflowing with bottles, this over-the-cabinet basket helps you fit a few more essentials. It hangs over your cabinet door to make the most out of your under-sink space. It’s also sturdy, has padded brackets to reduce scratching, and doesn’t even require tools for installation.

5. When You Don’t Even Have Room For A Toothbrush Cup

Self-Adhesive Toothbrush Holder, $9, Amazon

If you’re so low on counter space that you can’t even fit the essentials, this self-adhesive toothbrush holder can go on the wall, inside your cabinets, or right on your mirror. It’s made from polished stainless steel, can hold two toothbrushes, requires no tools, and is entirely waterproof — so you can use it inside your shower to hold razors, too.

6. When Your Medicine Cabinet Could Use A Little Structure

InterDesign Medicine Cabinet Organizer, $8, Amazon

Most bathrooms have some kind of medicine cabinet, but if you’re not organizing those bottles, you’re definitely not getting the most out of this tiny storage space. Keep your makeup, Q-tips, toiletries, and brushes in check with this elongated medicine cabinet organizer. It’s entirely clear, so you can see what you’re grabbing, and it’s got a textured bottom lining, so it won’t slide around.

7. When You’ve Got No Wall Space Whatsoever

mDesign Chevron Over The Door Storage Baskets, $13, Amazon

Shelves can really help out with bathroom organization, but if you’ve got no wall space at all, utilizing your over-the-door space is the next best thing. These over-the-door storage baskets give you four big pockets and several smaller ones to hold your towels, magazines, bottles, hair tools, makeup, and brushes. It’s got a cute chevron pattern, and reviewers love that it’s non-permanent and stays out of your way.

8. When You Don’t Have Any Drawers

Nifty Cosmetic Organizing Carousel, $25, Amazon

If you’ve got a free-standing sink, odds are you’re quickly running out of places to put your makeup. This cosmetic organizing carousel fits easily on a shelf or above the toilet, and it has six mesh compartments to hold everything from your brushes to your foundations. It also rotates 360 degrees, and comes in your choice of five colors to match any style.

9. When You’ve Got Narrow Cabinets

DecoBros Stackable Under Sink Cabinet Sliding Basket, $25, Amazon

The best thing you can do for minimal cabinet space: Stack things vertically. This stackable under-sink cabinet sliding basket doubles your storage with a basket on the bottom and a shelf on top. It rolls out to easily access all your essentials, and it’s got an elegant chrome finish that looks great and stays sturdy. Reviewers are tossing around words like, “Strong, sturdy, beautiful,” and “fabulous.”

10. When You’ve Got No Storage Whatsoever

LDR 3 Piece Storage Organizer Set, $35, Amazon

Even if a bathroom has no cabinets, counter space, or free walls, just about every bathroom has a toilet and a door. Utilize this essential space with a three-piece storage organizer set, which gives you a sturdy three-tiered shelf above your toilet, a four-hook towel rack for over your door, and a place to keep your extra toilet paper. Reviewers say it looks nice, is easy to put together, and gives them some much-needed extra storage.

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