Photos Of Kylie Jenner's Platinum Blonde Hair Will Have You Wanting To Hit The Salon — PHOTOS

It’s not unlike the youngest Jenner to switch her style up on a moment’s notice, but that’s because she’s normally a huge fan of wigs. You can never get too attached to a style of hers. It’s here one day and gone the next. But, this time, she’s made more of a permanent change and decided to actually dye her hair. Once you see photos of Kylie Jenner’s platinum blonde hair, you’ll be convinced that she makes an incredible blonde, despite the fact that we’re so used to seeing her with dark (or blue, or green) hair.

Just in time for all of the fashion shows and after parties, Jenner’s ditched her natural ‘do and gone much, much lighter. She documented the dye job process via Snapchat, of course, and she’s finally posted her first photo of the finished look. Before you get too terribly excited, I’ll have you know that it’s just a photo of the back of her head. But, it’s more than enough to know that Jenner makes one blonde bombshell.

She was having a hard time deciding if she should go with platinum or honey-colored hair and asked her Snapchat family which she should choose. The results are in, and it’s official. Jenner is rocking a platinum blonde shade circa Kim Kardashian at Paris Fashion Week in 2015 and Kourtney Kardashian circa 1995.

I haven't even seen the view from the front, and I already know I love this 'do.

This may have been an all day process, but it was totally worth it.

Up until recently, she'd only given tiny glimpses at the color.

She went back and forth about platinum or honey.

And I think the brighter blonde was a good choice.

Just a few days before making the major hair change, she posted this photo of her sister. Clearly, it was some inspiration for the new hairdo.

There may be a lot of upkeep involved when making naturally dark hair white blonde, but when the results are this good, it's so worth it.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jenner's definitely pulling a Kim K with this new hair color, but I don't mind it one bit.

I can't wait to see her take NYFW by storm. Bring on the blonde, Jenner. We're more than ready for it!