You Can Charter The Valor From ‘Below Deck’

Below Deck may focus on the crew of a luxury yacht, but what about the passengers? How do I get to be one of those lucky and pampered people? How can you charter the Valor, the yacht in Below Deck Season 4? Logistically, it's not as difficult as you think — as long as you have a ton of money handing around.

Yacht Charter Fleet's website gives you the option to contact a broker, check rental availabilities on various yachts, and actually charter them. According to their site, the motor yacht being chartered this season is called the BG, built by the Dutch shipyard Feadship in 1990 and refitted in 2015 with all of the latest in everything. She's available this summer in the Bahamas, if you're looking into it! Gather up your 11 closest friends and get ready for the most amenity-filled, and potentially scandalous, party of your life. You can also charter the BG from Burgess Yachts, at the same rate, and enquire on Charter World. There are so many options!

How much does it cost to charter the BG? In summer, the weekly cost starts at $126,000. In the winter, that can go up starting at $168,000 in the low season and $189,000 in the high season. Neither of those quotes include expenses. There are several taxes, allowances, fees, and insurance costs to consider as well. So that's pretty expensive, but not all that surprising considering the services provided.

Since the cast (I mean, the crew) tends to move on after a season to a new yacht and a new adventure, chartering this vessel may not guarantee you a guest spot on Below Deck. If that's what you're looking for, then check out Bravo casting to see about becoming a featured guest on the show. However, it would be fun to take a tour on something as luxurious as the Valor, so it's cool to know that you can make that happen.

Image: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo