Zayn Malik Is Developing A TV Series

by Emily Lackey

When it comes to his time in One Direction, the British boy band that took the world by storm, Zayn Malik has had interview after interview in which he made his many feelings about his time with them clear. Now, he’s taking advantage of his experience as one a member of the world’s most popular boy bands and sharing it with the world in a new way. Zayn is developing a boy band drama for NBC that will be at least in part inspired by One Direction. The series, Boys, will follow the creation of a wildly popular boy band and largely be inspired by One Direction’s own rise to fame. However, what I want to know in all of this is will the band appear on Zayn's new show? For a series that will be largely about their lives, it might be a good idea to include them from the start.

Not that Zayn necessarily needs the band’s permission to make a show that is based on his own experiences. I’m pretty sure that as long as the series is dubbed fiction (and as long as no one bears too much of a likeness to any of the actual band members), there shouldn’t be a problem in bringing this series to life. But considering that Zayn has a long-standing history with the other guys in One Direction, I would think the best way to avoid burning bridges would be to include them in the creative process at some point. If that means that the guys make appearances on the show in some capacity, then the more the merrier.


But I’m not entirely convinced that Zayn is worried about not burning bridges with his One Direction band mates. He may have already done that on his own. In the lead up to his solo debut album, Zayn was outspoken about his time with One Direction and the music that they created. In a 2015 interview with Rolling Stone, the singer admitted that the music that One Direction made was “not music I would listen to.” In addition to that, he suggested that he didn’t find the music his former fellow band mates made to be “cool.” He said that he wanted “to make music that [he] think[s] is cool as sh*t.” The implication being, of course, that the music he had been making with One Direction was not.

So, because of that, I’m not holding out hope that One Direction will appear on Zayn's new series. But if they do decide to pull out a miracle and make it happen, I will be the first person to throw a premiere party. And celebrate the reunion of One Direction for the first time in way too long, because that would be a moment in music history too good to pass up.